Review: Eden M51 by G.R. Paskoff

Rating: Yay

Genre: Space Opera (Sci-Fi)

Fair warning this book is not for those seeking a quick read. Eden M51 is rather daunting at 468 pages and I admit to wondering how the pacing would hold up or if this would be one of those books laden with enough infodump to make me skim the pages. Surprisingly pacing was good, it lacked in a few areas but would quickly correct any mishaps and return to the smooth ride. Infodump is sparse and details tend to assist in building a better understanding of the characters.

There is some limited head hopping, with the majority of the story being told from the anti-hero, Commander Nathan Hawke, perspective. The head hopping from Hawke to other characters is actually interesting, as most of the other character’s that we do have the pleasure of residing in typically get less-than-happy-endings. This book has several suspense elements and a bit of thriller feel with spies, subterfuge, and some extremism.

Ever present is man’s competitive nature and desire to conquer the unknown, with the main plot being based on the idea that Earth’s inhabitants may have found a planet to colonize. Of course we’re still a planet with separate nation’s ever in competition instead of working together. The book can be broke down into three parts, before, during, and after the journey to Eden M51. I found myself interested in every part. From the selection of the crew to man the mission, the journey’s fraught with some mishaps and surprises, and the discovery of a planet much like our own but so very different.

Finally, there is some religious overtones in this story and Paskoff presents an interesting theory behind the creator of the universe. If you’re the type to dissect stories believing in some ulterior motive or push of a belief system then you may want to stay away from Eden M51. I honestly took the book for what it was- a story. After reading I truly believe that the story was written based on how the characters would act versus providing a story that readers would want.

Overall, I liked it. I look forward to future works from Paskoff. I’m also interested to see if he continues to explore the universe he’s created in Eden M51 or if new projects will be in his future.

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Author Bio:

Mr. Paskoff is a biomechanical engineer with over eighteen years of experience working in U. S. Naval Aviation. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife and two children.

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