2012 Year in review + what’s coming in 2013

Our inaugural year has been a whirlwind. We’ve review 23 independent and small press published books, conducted various author interviews, and we reviewed genres from horror to historical romance.

Both Cate and I have been introduced to author’s we never would have read without this blog, and I’ll admit some of them I’ll be following in the future. I suspect a few of them will have some successful careers.

The Indies format has also changed over the course of 2012, as we found that our original structure wouldn’t hold up to the demands of the days of our lives :). Who knew you couldn’t read all day, every day. I’ve been living in denial and repressing rage. That daily life caused a few posting delays and some other hiccups, but in all we were pleased with our turnout.

Our big thanks our to the authors who’ve let us review, the readers who’ve stopped by to check out what we think, and the overall support we’ve received from the independent and small press industry; including other blogs who’ve referred readers, re-tweeted info, and spread the word about our reviewing prowess (my ego needs a bit of boost).

Now 2013 which, will be awesome…awesome! *in the tone of Darth Maul* we’ve got big plans. First and foremost we’ve added a new review, the wonderful Aussie awesome Mari Dunham. She’s an import, but we thought opinions across the pond would be wonderful. Next we’re sticking to our 1 person review format which means instead of 2 you’ll get 3 reviews each month.

Not to overdo things, but in week 4 of each month we’ll be bringing back some of our author’s we reviewed last year for guest posts to discuss various things about what interests them and their personal writing journey’s. You can learn a lot from the experience of others, and we encourage readers to drop  by because there will also be free book giveaways. I love books, but even better is free books.

The New Year is upon us, before we get to that we must revel in the joy that is Christmas. To those who celebrate Merry Christmas. For those who observe other practices may you have a wonderful holiday season full of joy, good food, and good company. ‘Till the new year dear readers and since we all lived hopefully that means things are looking up!

Counting it down

Hey, guys. This is Cate. Figured I should check in with you before the “official” launch on January 1st. Landra and I are plotting and planning and hoping for the best. If I can stop tinkering with the site, it’ll be easier on all of us.

As for what you can look forward to in the coming months, we’ve got several reviews planned. I’m also thinking we  *might* intersperse with interviews or tidbits or what-have-you. Not too sure yet. Landra and I are writers as well and already run our own blogs, so it may be a while before we get ambitious. But you’ll come back for that, right? I hope so.

At any rate, T-minus 3 days to launch! I’m excited. Are you excited?