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It’s time for our first Quarterly Book Giveaway for 2014. You get a whole two weeks to enter for a chance to win some awesome Indies Books. As you can see from our reviews, we’ve been reading some pretty awesome books.

Here’s what’s up for grabs (ebook copies):

Essenced by Connie L. Smith

Blade of Dishonor by Thomas Pluck

Serving Time by Nadine Ducca Deharbe

Shadowlands by Alan Kessler

Eden M51 by G.R Paskoff

Voodoo Ridge by David Freed

The Flesh Market by Richard Wright

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Review: The Flesh Market – Cate’s take

Genre: Historical fantasy? Alternate history? One of those.

Rating: YAY.

With the popularity of stuff like 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s no surprise that zombie fiction is also gaining more exposure. The Flesh Market runs in a similar vein, but it’s a totally different story.

Based on the real-life Irish murderers Burke & Hare, who went on a killing spree in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Flesh Market revolves around a cast of characters including the aforementioned men, their wives, an anatomist at the local University, and one of the students involved in studying anatomy. Though there are multiple viewpoints, they all seem integral in telling the story of the 1827 Cadaver Riots and what transpired a year later in the wake of the dead rising to feed on the living.

What sets this book apart from other takes on the subject is its scientific approach to zombies and what their existence means for humanity.  Dr. Knox, the anatomist, becomes obsessed with discovering the cause of these revenants and how to stop them. He takes cadavers from a man called Merry Andrew, but soon after, Burke & Hare become his primary source of fresh revenants for his work. The story plays with a bit of the light and dark of studies in anatomy at a point when cadaver research was looked down upon by most of the population.

The Flesh Market is a smart approach to a world inundated with sweaty, dirty people running from the apocalypse (looking at you, TWD). Rather than the world falling apart when the dead start to rise, the scientific community takes an opportunity to study the creatures and discover their working parts. If you’re looking for a change of pace in your zombie lit, this one’s for you.

Available at Amazon.

richard wrightRichard Wright is an author of strange, dark fictions, currently living in India with his wife and daughter. Over a decade and a half, his short stories have appeared widely in the US and UK press, most recently in diverse anthologies such as Storyteller – A Found Book, and More Tales From The City. He is the author of the novels Cuckoo, Thy Fearful Symmetry, and Craven Place, and the novella Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow.


This Week’s Read – The Flesh Market by Richard Wright

Image“Doon the wynds an’ up the streets,

Where revenants sought souls tae eat,
The Butcher called for twitching meat
An’ Burke an’ Hare did answer.”
1827. A year after the Cadaver Riots tore the heart from Edinburgh. Fear still chokes the Old Town, for though the revenants were driven back with shot and steel, they still lurk in the city’s shadowed closes. When night falls, they strike.
In dissecting rooms anatomists slice twitching flesh as they dream of cures and glory. For the greatest among them, Robert Knox, there is no price that cannot be met in the quest for knowledge. Behind closed doors he trades in walking death, dealing with devils to keep the flesh market supplied…
Set between the slums of 19th Century Edinburgh and the ivory towers of its academia, The Flesh Market is an almost true story of murder, mad science, obsession, and the restless dead.
Available at Amazon.

Review: Voodoo Ridge by David Freed

Genre: Mystery

Rating: Yay!


We were lucky enough to review the first Logan mystery, Flat Spin, but it was Cate who got to read it. Lucky girl.

Voodoo Ridge coverSo this book follows Logan, and his ex-wife Savannah, as we find out the first big set of news – she’s pregnant with his baby. And despite their troubled past, it’s off to Nevada to get married. Well, remarried. And that’s when the trouble starts.

Logan sites a downed airplane near where he’s landing, and when he informs the police, he gets caught up helping them find it, putting off the hurried wedding as each new twist forces him back into the investigation. One with two bodies—one old, and one new.

The whole story from beginning to end was simply awesome. The complexities of Logan’s life and the murder mystery is interwoven well, with enough suspense on both sides to keep the action flowing from beginning to end. Interspersed with the story are tidbits from David’s vast knowledge. As someone who’s not well-versed enough to intimately know airplane history, I was proud to remember the Twin Beechcraft, and I am beyond grateful for his deft touch of explaining enough to give me a better understanding of aircraft, but not enough to drag down the story.

I’m loathe to tell too much of the story itself, as the fun in a mystery is picking at the details to see if you can figure it out before the end. Everything is so well put together that I found it hard to put the book down until the very end.


All in all, this is a fabulous read, and a solid addition to anyone reading list. I highly recommend not only this book, but theentire series.

Go on now. Shoo. Go pick up the first two, and get this one when it comes out in May!


This Week’s Read: Voodoo Ridge by David Freed

It’s 1956. A plane bearing mysterious cargo takes off from a small airport nears Los Angeles and disappears into a raging Voodoo Ridge coverstorm. Nearly 60 years later, while flying over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, former covert operator-turned-civilian flight instructor Cordell Logan catches a glint of sunlight on metal and spots what appears to be an aircraft wreckage. His life will never be the same.
Logan and his beautiful ex-wife, Savannah, plan a reconciliation in posh Lake Tahoe. But upon landing in the Ruptured Duck, his beloved aging Cessna, Logan agrees to put those plans on hold when he’s asked to guide a search and rescue team to the remote, mountainous crash site. The team finds not only a long-missing airplane, with the mummified remains of its pilot still at the controls, but something much more recent and far more sinister: the body of a young man, shot to death only hours earlier. Someone has beaten the rescuers to the site and will stop at nothing to profit from what the plane was carrying – including kidnapping Savannah and threatening to kill her if Logan refuses to help them carry out their getaway plans. With the clock ticking and his lover in peril, Logan is drawn into a vexing vortex as personal and deadly as any he’s ever known.
Voodoo Ridge is a fast-paced adrenaline-fueled thrill ride filled with the kind of unexpected twists, full-throttle action and wry humor that won Freed’s Flat Spin and Fangs Out, the first two installments in the Cordell Logan mystery series, rave reviews and a legion of loyal fans.
Voodoo Ridge will be available come May 2014.
DAVID FREED is an instrument-rated pilot, screenwriter and a former Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist for the Los Angeles Times. He is a frequent contributor to  Smithsonian’s Air & Space and The Atlantic, where he was honored in 2011 as finalist in Feature Writing by the American Society of Magazine Editors. David has also worked extensively within the US intelligence community. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Review: Eden M51 by G.R. Paskoff

Rating: Yay

Genre: Space Opera (Sci-Fi)

Fair warning this book is not for those seeking a quick read. Eden M51 is rather daunting at 468 pages and I admit to wondering how the pacing would hold up or if this would be one of those books laden with enough infodump to make me skim the pages. Surprisingly pacing was good, it lacked in a few areas but would quickly correct any mishaps and return to the smooth ride. Infodump is sparse and details tend to assist in building a better understanding of the characters.

There is some limited head hopping, with the majority of the story being told from the anti-hero, Commander Nathan Hawke, perspective. The head hopping from Hawke to other characters is actually interesting, as most of the other character’s that we do have the pleasure of residing in typically get less-than-happy-endings. This book has several suspense elements and a bit of thriller feel with spies, subterfuge, and some extremism.

Ever present is man’s competitive nature and desire to conquer the unknown, with the main plot being based on the idea that Earth’s inhabitants may have found a planet to colonize. Of course we’re still a planet with separate nation’s ever in competition instead of working together. The book can be broke down into three parts, before, during, and after the journey to Eden M51. I found myself interested in every part. From the selection of the crew to man the mission, the journey’s fraught with some mishaps and surprises, and the discovery of a planet much like our own but so very different.

Finally, there is some religious overtones in this story and Paskoff presents an interesting theory behind the creator of the universe. If you’re the type to dissect stories believing in some ulterior motive or push of a belief system then you may want to stay away from Eden M51. I honestly took the book for what it was- a story. After reading I truly believe that the story was written based on how the characters would act versus providing a story that readers would want.

Overall, I liked it. I look forward to future works from Paskoff. I’m also interested to see if he continues to explore the universe he’s created in Eden M51 or if new projects will be in his future.

Purchase a copy of Eden M51 at:


*At the time of this post Eden M51 is not available for sale due to the book being entered into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

Author Bio:

Mr. Paskoff is a biomechanical engineer with over eighteen years of experience working in U. S. Naval Aviation. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife and two children.

Visit Mr. Paskoff at his website

This Week’s Read: Eden M51 by G.R. Paskoff

EDEN M51 final cover_hi-res copy_white_400x600Eden exists, tucked away in a remote corner of the universe.

In the year 2083, overpopulation, resource depletion, and climate change have pushed global civilization to the brink of collapse. Colonies on the moon and beneath the oceans, despite years of development, are struggling to survive. As international tensions escalate, and humanity faces an impending crisis for subsistence, a new race has quietly begun, one to find a habitable planet for human expansion outside the solar system. Thus far, however, every expedition sent has resulted in monumental disappointment, and occasionally, tragedy.

But all is not lost.

A U.S. interstellar probe, launched decades earlier, unexpectedly transmits a burst of tantalizing figures on a remote alien world in the M51 galaxy, yielding the first promising data scientists have seen in years. In response, an international team of experts is hastily assembled to investigate the prospective planet over thirty million light years away. Each with their own set of hopes and agendas, what they discover upon arrival is more than any of them imagined – something that forces them to confront the shadows of their past and to reevaluate their choices for Man’s future.

Commander Nathaniel Hawke, a renowned pilot in the United States Department of Space Defense, is selected to lead the mission. Seven years after the controversial death of his best friend, he views the expedition to M51 as one last opportunity for redemption. But in the end, will the journey offer the salvation he seeks, or cast him further into despair?

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*At the time of this post Eden M51 is not available for sale due to the book being entered into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.