Review: Blade of Dishonor by Thomas Pluck

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: Yay!

Okay, guys. Wow. This book has a lot going in it, so I’m going to try and make this review as succinct as possible.

E-cover_Blade-Of-Dishonor_omnibusBNThe jacket copy is a bit of a misnomer—I was under the impression this followed Reeves, but the story is really more of his grandfathers—and I’m not certain whose POV receives more time out of the two. This story revolves around ‘Rage Cage’ Reeves, his grandfather, and an ancient Japanese blade the grandfather smuggled out of Japan to keep it out of the wrong hands. So we alternate in present time, with Reeves trying to save the sword and keep it out of the wrong hands, and during his grandfather’s time in the armed forces as a special unit fighter. His story mostly revolves around World War II and the circumstances leading to today’s current predicament.

The action is great. Lots of detailed, in your face scenes that hook you in and keep the pages turning. I was pretty disappointed when I had to go to sleep and wait to read the rest. It fulfills its boast of Tarantino and Kurosawa mash-up, both of whom I greatly admire. It’s clear from the stories that Reeves did a great job with his research, too—accuracy bonuses to the weapons, history, and his Japanese receives a special bonus mention.

Mikio, a Japanese fighter, is a large part of the story—and he has a very dirty mouth, all of which Pluck leaves in its original Japanese. I was shocked and horribly amused, because I speak Japanese, and it had me cracking up far more than it should have. The caveat to this is that translations aren’t given until the end of the book (and in the ebook, I would have liked to have seen a link-up to the translations for people, because flipping around in an ebook is difficult), so if that frustrates you, maybe you should bookmark the translation spot.

Another big thank you goes out to not making the women into hand-wringing sissies. It drives me nuts when women are made into fainting flowers, and they most certainly aren’t in here.

Pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed.

Blade of Dishonor can be purchased from the following retailers:

Amazon US

Amazon UK


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