This Week’s Read: Carmine Tarrenborough and the Ravenwood Fetch by Katherine Fosso

front coverIt’s not easy living in post-war Lorane. Humanity is just getting back on its feet after hundreds of years in a post-nuclear apocalypse, and the world is finally green again. Still, it isn’t safe. Aside from the ever-present nuclear and aetheric radiation, there’s the supernatural to worry about: strange miasmas, mad aether-wielding Harrows, and the achingly beautiful and deadly Fae.

And trouble never met a girl it liked better than Carmine Tarrenborough. She’s sixteen years old, a weirdness magnet, and a courier. It’s her job to deliver, rain or shine, sleet or hail. But, when a number of people turn up missing and a strange dark figure haunts the roadways at night, she may just have to add solving mysteries to her job description.

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