Author Interview: RJ Leahy

Today is our interview day! RJ Leahy, author of the fantabulous Angel of the City, graciously took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his book! Thank you so much for your time, RJ!

portrait21) What gave you the idea for this particular dystopian future? Why one with different races sectioned off and a city that gets sacked and rebuilt so many times?

I’ve had the germ for this story ruminating in my head for many    years, specifically since the mid nineties and the breakup of    Yugoslavia following the fall of the Soviet Union.  The resulting    Bosnian war set multiple ethnic groups against one another,    sometimes block against block, and yet these very people had lived    as neighbors for generations.  It took the implementation of    something like martial law and the forced separation of these    groups, to bring about a peace.

2) The Shade, as we call the main character, makes a sudden turn around at one point and begins helping the girls, despite it putting him into danger. He doesn’t really go into details into his whys – what motivates him?

In a word, Pen.  In Pen, he sees a reflection of himself before    the death of his brother, Cole.  Cole’s death changes him from a somewhat ideological boy, to the kind of man who could become a Counselor.  Meeting Pen draws out the humanity in him, a slow process that first began when he left the Council and took up with Reed. Even he is somewhat confused by these long-dormant emotions. In agreeing to help Abby, he acknowledges that he’s really trying to save Pen, and perhaps, what remains of the person he once was.  (“I have to save Pen.  I just don’t know why.”)  Also, he is one of the few people who knows of the Council’s plan to solve the food shortage.  Perhaps he has begun to wonder if simply living for the sake of living, is any life at all.

3) The tags that are put into people – I was curious about them. How do they put the one into the brain?

The tags are very small, inserted through large-bore hypodermic needles at Angel of the Cith - RJ Leahybirth under the skin.  Only Counselors get brain tags, inserted in the same way and very, very carefully. 🙂

4) Any other works you’ve got coming out that our readers might be interested in?

I have a new novel out, FAT CHANCE, that is a completely different read from ANGEL OF THE CITY.  It is a light, humorous mystery novel set in rural New Mexico and has garnered good reviews.  I am finishing up the sequel now. Also out is a middle  grade novel, NEVERWORLD, written under the pen name, E. Racine, about a young girl’s adventure on a mystical pirate ship. I am also working on a follow-up novel to Angel of the City, untitled at present.

RJ Leahy lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where he presently practices as a
physician. His first novel, TIGRA, was published by Zumaya Publications in 1996 and was a Dream Realm Award finalist for that year. His second book, THE OBSIDIAN SEED, the follow up to TIGRA, was published three years later. His two newest works, both ebooks, came out in 2013. The first, ANGEL OF THE CITY, is a dystopian view of the future, as seen through the eyes of a brain damaged ex-policeman. The second, FAT CHANCE, is a mystery/comedy about a private investigator marooned in a small New Mexico town who finds himself the prime suspect in a missing person’s case.


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  1. Cate Peace
    Dec 20, 2013 @ 20:27:36

    I’m gonna have to read Angel. It sounds AWESOME! Great interview!


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