Review: Act of Pardon

Rating: Yay

Genre: Historical Romance

I don’t often get a Historical Romance in my review bin and when I do it’s a special treat because this is by far my favorite genre to read. It’s also a genre I’m super critical of because I want the ultimate experience.

Sookoo provides a good blend of action, romance, and sensuality which created a great environment for a Historical tale. Also, the environs aren’t England based and instead we find our hero and heroine navigating the Caribbean, Spanish settlements, and exotic ports for this story. I enjoyed being transported to somewhere outside of Europe and found the book easy to become immersed in. Sookoo also does a fine job of portraying a pirates life and the challenges of living by a different moral code then can be found in civilian life.

As to character development both hero, heroine, and a group of pirate secondary characters are completely three dimensional, with well established motivations, goals, and ultimately sweet, sweet conflict. Sarah is definitely a conundrum because she has to come to terms with killing, even though she was raised by a preacher and missionary. How do you justify violence and death when being taught there are better ways to solve problems? For Sarah it’s a matter of finding a way to accept our hero, Captain Adrian Westerbrooke, even if he kills men who attack his ship and whips those who don’t follow his orders. For me this is some pretty deep and tough conflict, and the resolution isn’t easy or cut and dry- just the way I like it.

One word of caution there is a violence, death of a child, and a minor moment where our heroine encounters a cat o’nine. If you’re not one to enjoy a bit of action or capable of reading a few painful, yet tastefully handled, moments this may be a book you should avoid.


Finally, my only challenge with this story was the formatting in the eBook. The Kindle version has some grievous formatting errors and I believe I missed multiple pages of the story because of it. Luckily, I was still able to follow the story with the pages present and I hope the author is able to revise the uploaded version in the near future.



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