What Draws Us with Kendall Grey

Everyone has one genre they hold dear above all others. Me? I’m drawn to paranormal and fantasy books with steamy relationships between the hero and heroine. In essence, I like hot urban fantasy. Emphasis on the HOT. 😉

What attracts me most about urban fantasy is the escape from reality. My life is real enough on its own. When I read or write a book, I want to get as far away from reality as I can. “Run for Delusional Hills, Forrest! They’re just north of Out-of-Touch Mountain!” Maybe it’s the slacker in me that craves the fantasy. *Shrugs*
Immersing myself in a good urban fantasy is like entering another world for a short time. A quickie vacation, if you will. I can imagine I’m right there with the characters. And when I’m writing, I can even be the characters. Considering all the hot smex I write about, you can see the allure: “So, I get to ‘be’ Zoe Morgan in this chapter and have sex with rock star Gavin Cassidy?” You don’t have to ask me twice! #NoBrainer

A reader once labeled my books “intelligent smut,” which I think is the perfect term for them. The smut part is pretty obvious, but the “intelligent” part of this equation comes with a side of massive world building. I love to be challenged when I read a book, and well-written urban fantasies do just that. They throw us into a brand new place with new rules and new societies to deconstruct. Figuring out the intricacies of an unfamiliar world is crack for my mind. I guess I’m just a geek with a literary boner.

The final aspects of urban fantasy that yank my chain and fondle my brain are the characters. In UF, characters tend to be pretty…un-normal. (Though I am a mere mortal, I can totally relate to being un-normal.) Who doesn’t want to have special powers or abilities that ratchet life to a new level? Fyre Elemental who can annihilate Aers with a quick burst of flamey goodness? Kickass! I’ll take three of those and a couple of Wæters just in case the Fyres get outta hand.

Urban fantasy characters also tend to have darker streaks than “normal” characters. I like that, too. The darker, the better. To me, conflict is king, for without it, you have no story. I love to unwind characters with a tragic past or a terrible secret—the ones who appear to be pretty well-adjusted on the surface, but who rage a bitter war with themselves or their pasts beneath the veneer. Those freak-on-a-leash characters totally do it for me.

Now you know what gets my literary love tool throbbing when it comes to books. What draws YOU to a particular genre?


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