Author Interview – Mike Martin

Cover WalkerToday I have Mike Martin in the IBRU hot seat, spilling the dirt on his upcoming books.

Mike, thank you for stopping by to chat with us. Could you please tell the folks at home a little bit about yourself?

Hi there. I’m a long-time freelance writer, now turned mystery writer. I am Canadian and live in Ottawa. I’ve been writing fiction for the last five years and have two books published in the Sgt. Windflower series, with another coming out next year. The Walker on the Cape is my first fiction book.
We get to follow Windflower through the Elias Martin case from start to finish. What did you have to keep in mind as you were constructing it?
I am a ‘pantser’ which means that I don’t really know what is going to happen next. The Characters talk and I listen and write it down. I just have to make sure that I let the story lead and not try and predict what is going to happen. It’s fun, but kinda like a roller coaster ride. I scream a lot!!
Obviously, you are quite familiar with RCMP protocol. How difficult was it to research what the RCMP does through murder investigations?
There is a lot of research required to make sure that you get it right. Luckily I have a few ‘experts’ as part of my reading and editing team who point out mistakes before I get too far. A lot of this stuff is actually common sense, and it is one of the areas where it’s much better to be simple and stick to the facts. Creativity here could get you into a lot of trouble.
Getting glimpses of Windflower’s personal life–his native heritage and his relationship with Sheila, for example–help to round out his character. Will we be seeing more of those aspects in future novels?
Absolutely. The second book in the series, The Body on the T, focuses much more on character development so readers will find out a lot more about Windflower. His character and mettle are tested personally and professionally and he has to rely on his culture and traditions to find strength and support.

What’s next for Windflower and, of course, you?
Book #2 in the series, The Body on the T. is just out in e-book form on and so that means a lot of online visiting and blog tours etc. And I am working on the next book in the series. Book # 3 will have a special focus on Windflower’s native background including a visit from his uncle who helps him interpret some of his dreams.
That sounds fabulous!
The Walker on the Cape is available at:

Book Locker 



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