Author Interview: Michaela Debelius , Author of Perpetual

Michaela DebeliusMichaela Debelius graciously took time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about her novel. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Take it away, Michaela!

1) Oh, Mercy. A lonely woman who doesn’t realize she wants to be not lonely, I suspect. She can be quite difficult to put up with for many of the characters. Would you say those barriers are faked as a way to try and push people away? How genuine is her gruffness?

Mercy’s abrasiveness is the byproduct of too much life. As she tells the reader, people weren’t meant to live forever, and living forever produces jadedness. Not only has she spent centuries watching humans exploit one another, she’s realized that corrupt humans make even more despicable immortals. As the story develops, the reader gets deeper insight into why she’s distrustful, especially of immortals. So yes, Mercy’s gruffness is genuine, but so is her compassion, as demonstrated in her obvious concern for animals.

2) I love the contrast of Mercy and Adam. Adam is such a good guy that it’s easy to see why Mercy is fond of him. Is there a dark side to him at all? Through Mercy’s eyes he seems so pure.

I’m so glad you liked them! Comments like that totally make an author’s day, just so you know! =)

Adam himself tells Mercy her opinion of him is skewed, though much of that is actually his own humility speaking. Adam is truly the definition of a good guy. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of making mistakes. After all, he is human!

3) Where did the ideas of everlasting immortality in different forms come from? For that matter, where perpetual_1800_2400_borderdo they originate from? Do we get to find out their origin story?

The idea for Perpetual was formed around Mercy. It started from a night of watching too much 5 o’clocknews wherein I found myself wondering, “Who would want to live forever?” From there Mercy was born. She’s everything everyone feels at some point in their life, only she can’t escape the negativity because she can’t escape life itself. She’s done a good job of boxing herself in, leaving her with only the brutalities of the world and none of the beauty.

As far as the different traits, that concept just sort of grew from my own preference of not wanting the immortals to be vampires. Their origin? That’s still to be determined. Mercy herself doesn’t know that answer, but I imagine she will eventually become curious.

4) There’s a lot of history wound up into these people. Was there any part in particular that was especially fun to learn about?

I loved exploring the 1930’s jargon! It’s a time period my husband and I find intriguing in general, so delving into the slang was a lot of fun. I actually purchased a book specifically for wartime colloquialisms to give Nick more substance. He’s entertaining, even for me. Somewhere in my subconscious his twisted sense of humor hides, reserved only for his character.

5) Any further plans for Mercy in future books?

Absolutely! I’m currently finishing my first series, The Noel Casey Series¸ which follows an Army scientist on her newest assignment set in a military base that is harboring far more than secret government experiments. The first two books of the four book series are currently available, and I’m actively writing book three. Following the completion, I’ll be getting right back into Mercy’s world. I must admitted, I’m eager to travel alongside those characters once again.

Michaela Debelius is an indie author whose novels include elements of science fiction, romance, and horror. Originally from New England, she now lives in Arizona with her husband and two furry children.


If you liked this interview and the sound of Perpetual, then you’re in luck. To coincide with review week, Perpetual will be free on Amazon November 6-8th. Definitely a steal.

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  1. Michaela Debelius
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 09:09:24

    Thanks for having me, Mari! I really appreciate it.


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