Author Interview: Brandie Davis

ReneeToday we have author Brandie Davis in our hot seat! We reviewed her book Renee: All Hail the Queen earlier in the month.

You created a roller coaster of a book with some pretty damaged characters. Were all these intertwining stories difficult for you to write as a result?

Not at all, in all honestly intertwining each characters story with on another made writing Renee a lot easier. I believe the six degrees of separation plugged into the storyline made it nerve wrecking and unpredictable for a reader which is exactly what I wanted. It’s one thing for your enemies to be in the same city as you but it’s a whole different story when they’re in your home.

Through a lot of the book, Renee seemed like a prize to be won or an obstacle to be overcome, but you managed to show her human side through her times alone and her relationship with Julian. Do you think that viewpoint is a result of her hiding and running, as she puts it, or do you think that the people around her built her up and put her on a pedestal?

That viewpoint is a result of who Renee is. Everything that Renee has said and done are her characters traits coming alive and allowing readers to see who she is. As human beings we all have several layers, and in Renee she shows you each and every one of hers when the time calls for it.

People tend to think that a degree in English helps with writing. Do you think that’s true?

I believe it helps when it comes to grammar and etc. but otherwise you are stepping into a complete different world when you decide to write a book verses writing a paper. Your whole mind frame changes and new rules are applied; it helps with a few things but not with everything.

I read a lot and I can safely say that this is one of the first times I’ve read a character with an Electra complex. Did that come about organically or was that an intentional plot device?

When writing Renee the Electra complex was purposely placed into the plot because I knew when stepping into the literary world if you wanted to stand out you had to write something worth talking about. While in school I learned about the Oedipus complex so when I penned Renee I went the opposite route and wrote about the Electra complex.

The ending leaves room for a sequel. Will we be seeing more of Renee?

Yes you will! Renee 2: The Protégé is now out and available on paperback, kindle, and nook for readers to find out whether or not Renee holds on to her crown.

Renee: All Hail the Queen is available at:


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