Review: Renee: All Hail the Queen – Cate’s Take


Genre: Urban fiction

Rating: Hesitant yay

Renee: All Hail the Queen has it all—murder, betrayal, drug-running, and so much more, but it’s not a book for the faint of heart.

The story follows New York City queen-pin Renee and the cast of characters close to her. Some work within her drug empire, either as contacts or as bodyguards, and others, consisting of estranged family or those from her past, aim to take her down for their own reasons. Suffice it to say—even though it’s good to be the queen, it is not good to be Renee.

The main character’s past molestation and abuse creates the woman she is now, a hard, cruel woman who seems to have no interest in the people around her, except in what they can do to grow her drug empire. As the woman who supplies NYC with cocaine and heroin (under a male moniker), Renee has to keep her circle of close associates as tight as she can, but it soon starts wearing on her.

It’s interesting to see the de-icing of the woman who tells her lover she aborted their child with all the emotion of a high schooler reciting Chaucer, but what’s more interesting than that is the insane web of treachery and deceit that surrounds her. Most of the men in Renee’s life want to be with her (including her rapist step-father *ick*), and most of the women want her dead for one reason or another. There’s a hefty bit of Electra complex thrown into this story for good measure. Be prepared.

There were two things missing for me: 1) Any kind of police presence, and 2) any indication of just how Renee runs her business. She’s amassed this huge fortune (the book mentions her multimillionaire status), but except for a few comments here and there, we don’t get a real sense of just how she’s done it, including how she’s kept the fuzz off the backs of her people. In this respect, the book could have been much longer. As it is, Renee is a close look at how the woman who has it all really has nothing.

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