We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! (Almost!)


The ladies of Indie Books R Us are gearing up for our 2014 season. Along with the planned changes to our website, we’ve got a few changes to our policy, with the hopes that year three will be the best year EVER, for us and for you guys, the readers and authors who are awesome enough to let us review your work.

There’s one big change that we’re excited about:

MORE FEATURES. We’ve noticed that you guys are fans of the guest posts we’ve had up, so we’re opening up Fridays for that reason. Interviews are tough, and while we love doing them, we want to have more spots for author guest posts, announcements, and anything else that comes our way. If the authors whose books we review want to submit a guest post, they’re more than welcome.

AUTHORS, there are also some policy changes to consider if you’re planning to submit to us for 2014.

In addition to the normal things we ask for—blurb, buy links, author bio, author photo, cover photo—we’re also asking for ALL social media links (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc) so we can link you to the review and a 3k excerpt pasted into the body of the email. All in the submission email. I know it sounds like a lot, but we want to feature the best indie books we can. Any review request we receive that is missing these elements will be automatically rejected. *If you don’t have an author photo, please let us know in the email.* Since we receive such a volume of emails throughout the year, we have to honor the policy of following our stricter guidelines for our sanity as well as yours.

We’re looking extremely forward to 2014 and reading some awesome indie books!



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