Guest Interview: Taylor M. Lunsford

Taylor-8 - Version 2Greetings Indie Readers! It’s another T.G.I. Friday post. Hard to believe how time flies. Today I have the lovely author and editor Taylor M. Lunsford. She works with in the small press publishing industry, which is just one of the many publishing routes author’s can launch themselves in. Without further ado, I’ll launch in the questions that Taylor was so gracious in answering.

1.) Why did you choose small press versus self-publishing or traditional publishing routes? 

I went with small press for a couple different reasons. The first is that I wasn’t having a lot of success going the traditional route. Agents are taking on fewer and fewer new writers these days, and there are a lot of romance writers out there. Amanda Green, my editor, encouraged me to try writing a romantic suspense for Naked Reader Press, so I thought “what the heck” and gave it a shot. Small press gives you a lot more control over your work as far as content, timeline, etc. goes, while still having the safety net of an editor and someone making the covers and access to the different storefronts. It’s also hugely helpful when you’re mildly technologically challenged to have someone to do the formatting and coding for e-books. NRP is very writer focused and knowing the editors was also a big selling point. For my first book, it felt like the best of both worlds.

2.) Tell readers a little bit about your latest release. Is this the genre you love to write? 

The Love in Unknown series is small town romance with a strong vein of suspense. I’ve always loved small town romances, but I hadn’t tried adding in suspense before. Book one, Need You Now, is about the ridiculously sexy mayor, Caine Maddox, and his college sweetheart (and best friend’s little sister), Melody Carr. I love stories where the hero and heroine have a past together, and they have to figure out how to work around it. For those of you who know your Jane Austen, Persuasion (aka my favorite book) had a strong influence on the story.

3.) What other genres draw your interest and why?

I love all aspects of romance. I think I’ve read something in every subgenre and written something in a lot of them (historical, paranormal, fantasy). I’m really into biographies right now. I can’t read non-romance books (don’t know why, it’s a mental block), so I’ll listen to biographies when I’m driving to and from work. My favorite is probably ‘Tis Herself, Maureen O’Hara’s autobiography.

4.) You’re also listed as an Assistant Editor for Naked Reader Press, was this planned or something happened upon? 

Well, as I said, I know the folks who run NRP, so as the only strictly romance writer currently on their roster (Ellie Ferguson is another, but she writes more suspense/paranormal than just romance and Sarah Hoyt writes in pretty much every genre), I was invited to join the team.

5.) As an editor what are you looking for in a book? Do you try to implement the same things in your own books? 

I look for the same thing in a book that I want to write and read. I want strong, interesting characters that are maybe a little bit quirky. I like stories with a bit of a twist or interest that I wouldn’t expect. But mostly I just want to read well-written stuff from intelligent, kick-ass writers.

6.) Finally, what can we expect next? 

Well, with any luck, the short story in the Love in Unknown series, We Own The Night, will be out within the next few weeks. It sets up the romance for book three between Caine’s brother Gage and fashion designer Tessa Styles, and gets the hero for book two—Mel’s brother Micah—Ready to Love Again.

Get a copy of Taylor’s latest book at:




Connect with Taylor on her Website or at TwitterPinterest, or Amazon

Finally, thanks Taylor for submitting to an interview. Loved having you here and I encourage readers to ask your small press questions about the experience etc.


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