Author Interview: Kimberly Gould

kimmydon2T.G.I.F everyone! It’s definitely time for a weekend, let me tell you. For your reading pleasure before you jaunt off to relax with a book, tailgate at the games, or dive into another writer’s retreat here’s my interview with the wonderful Kimberly Gould. She graciously agreed to respond to my questions about her book Cargon, Honour & Privilege. I hope questions peak your interest in a book that I really enjoyed.
1.)  What was your inspiration for Eve? The Elite? 
 Eve leap full-formed out of my imagination. She was a heroine in a dream of mine that met a much worse end. She was smarter than was good for her. The elite arose from the same dream, where the men would toy with Eve, making her play over and over until she eventually lost. They were even colder and crueler. I’m happy to have made some of them more likable.
2.) I found the Elite society more complex and emotionless then the Servant Society. Why do the Elite distance themselves so much from emotion? 
The pieces are there, though it isn’t obvious, that Fontive is suffering from population decline. The Fall included fallout and their genetics still haven’t completely recovered. The open relationships among the elite improve the chances for children but they raise them distantly. The servants, on the other hand, raise their children inclusively, building stronger family structures. The real reason the elite are emotionless is because they are the descendants of scholars. When the Fall happened, everyone turned to the smartest, most capable people to see them through. Over time, those people were held separate as leaders.
3.) How old is Adam? He appears in his early twenties, but I couldn’t tell from Eve’s description. 
 Adam is in his mid-twenties. I don’t state his age in order to avoid criticism that he is ‘too old’ for Eve. By leaving it nebulous, the reader can place him anywhere from 20 to 30 as they feel most comfortable.
4.) Are you for Louis or Adam? Do you truly believe Eve will come to a resolution? 
 I’m not against Adam or Louis. I do redeem Louis in Duty & Sacrifice, so I am also rooting for his happiness, but it is definitely over-shadowed by the love between Eve and Adam. There is a place for Louis, but it isn’t equal to Adam in Eve’s heart.
5.) Book 2 is already available, but when can readers expect book 3? And do you plan to write more books in this fantasy world you’ve created? 
Ah, book 3. I have several thousand words written, but have had a lot of trouble lately getting into the right mindset to continue. I don’t have a current expected date. I do plan to make the third book the last for Eve. I’m contemplating a prequel focusing on Bianca and her sister Victoria, but don’t have even so much as an outline for that. It isn’t out of the question to write something further into the future, looking at the ramifications of Eve and her actions (they’re going to be wide-spread!), but that is even less concrete than the prequel novel. Crossing my fingers, if things turn around this winter, I might have the third book ready for 2014.
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Author Bio:

Although Kimberly Donn Gould normally hates being called Kimmy, her mother called her Kimmydonn and that was alright. Now she has Lilah, or Delilah, or Delilah Dell if she’s misbehaving and Dad, Allen, catches her. Continuing in her day job as an Environmental Consultant, Kim is also a writer in the time she finds on the sides.


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  1. Kimberly Gould
    Sep 24, 2013 @ 12:32:23

    Thank you for the interview! Two spots on your lovely blog all for me. It’s more than I expected and greatly appreciate it.


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