Author Interview: David Holley

This is a little late, but I always say ‘Better late then never’. I have the benefit, as a reviewer and author, of understanding that life is busy and I’m thankful that Mr. Holley was able to answer my questions about his novel, EDEN. I will say I enjoyed the interview very much and am happy to share this interview with our readers.

1.) What was your inspiration for this book? 
The adage, “necessity breeds invention” certainly applies here. Prior to writing this book I had worked as an artist across several different mediums. From fine art to street art to graphic design and film making I had pursued several creative endeavors personally and professionally. When I decided to write Eden I was at an impasse creatively. I felt burned out and needed something that challenged me in a way that I had never considered. During this same time I was always an avid reader and when I came to the point when I wanted to read a particular story but couldn’t find it I decided to create it myself. And that is how EDEN was born.
2.) Characterization in Eden was amazing and some characters I loved and there were some I really didn’t enjoy, like Josette, who was your favorite character? Psst… mine were Eve and Noah. I loved them and would be friends with them in a heartbeat. 
Most of the characters are derived from real people who I have known or admired in some way over the years. For example, Noah is loosely based off the real life hero Archie Kalepa. If you aren’t familiar with him I highly recommend looking him up. As a writer I was frustrated by the criticisms that a person like Noah doesn’t exist. I can tell you for fact that people like Noah do exist and they live in almost complete anonymity every day. Other characters like Noah’s father, Jackson, was inspired by my own father who I had lost a long time ago. He was a larger than life character and someday I plan to write an autobiography of his life. The character Mia Sinclair is reminiscent of my own daughter Mia who was 18 at the time I wrote EDEN Book 1. Other characters like Maaka and Pango are channeled through my colorful family of bikers and ex-cons to which I have had the pleasure to grow up with.
My favorite characters are Hiroshi, Mia, Max, Pango and Maaka. Over the course of the next few books Inspector Mason Harris and Randall Wellington will be on a lot of people’s love or loathe list.
3.) Eden’s plot definitely kept me guessing, will readers ever get to know the real reason for all the insanity? 
Of course. I’m no sadist. The story of EDEN was always to be told in a series and because of that not all loops will be closed after each installment. But I can tell you it will be worth the wait and when you find out the whole story I believe it will blow your socks off. All I will say at this point is that there is a plausible explanation for everything and all answers will be provided in due time. Stay tuned!
4.) There’s lots of disasters, technology and some serious information on basic survival tactics. What kind of research did you have to do for this story? 
I spent hundreds of hours online and watching survival programming to learn all the basic necessities. In addition I joined a survivalist group to learn all I could about preparation and the mentality it takes to survive in the wild. I found all of it to be very interesting to say the least. These people are passionate and as much as they hope it never happens you can’t help but think in the back of their minds they kind of wish it does. It’s fascinating.
5.) There were times during the reading I thought the characters were a little too lucky, especially since they had such a talented group of people. Did you give them too many advantages or do you think it’s an equal balance? 
You could look at both ways I suppose. Sure there are several individuals who posses a wide array of talents and skill sets, but even still it doesn’t quite seem to matter in their quest. Every step closer to civilization seems to take them further away from ever really finding what they really want. Which is home.

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Author Bio:

EDEN is the first novel by emerging author David Holley. After a career in advertising spanning two decades, David found himself burned out and desperately in need of a change. Over the years he worked across several mediums in the art world. Beyond his commercial work he was also known for his street and grafitti art that spanned from New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Eventually his street art evolved into fine art and he showcased that work in solo shows in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. It was soon after that period David decided to devote his talents to the written word.
David currently resides in Philadelphia with his daughter Mia, his girlfriend Abby, and his loyal bulldog The Mighty El Toro Diablo.



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