Review: Eden – Landra’s Take

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: Maybe

It’s 2022, there’s still war and natural disasters and disease have taken its toll on the world. A group of people find themselves the sole survivors of a plan crash. They are shoved into situations that require quick thinking, tsunamis, volcanoes, lack of food and water, dangerous mountain treks, and much more. The amazing part is the majority of them survive thanks to the survival-trained, ex-special forces Noah, his WHO doctor wife, Evelyn, and several other characters including a young woman with startling psychic abilities.

What I liked: The characters were interesting. Different talents, different histories and Holley gives readers a chance to get to know most of them really well. Histories, methodologies, and core beliefs are shared. I was invested in Noah and Evelyn’s future 100%. I found characters to love and some to hate to love. I loved the suspense of not really knowing what challenge would come next. Every time I thought things would go a certain way they went the opposite, which was a pleasant surprise. The science and futuristic ideas of Earth in 2022, these elements were cool and I enjoyed Holley’s developed history, including the technologies available to us.

What I didn’t like: There was a lot of flashbacks, info-dump, and telling that slowed the pacing of the story down. Yes, I did get more tidbits about the characters themselves, but I would’ve been able to stay connected to the story better without as many. My only other huge complaint would be the editing job, tense jumping was a bit too frequent and jarring; causing me to re-read sentences in an attempt to understand who’s POV I was living in. Also, I didn’t like the end of the story. I won’t say why because it’s a personal thing, nothing against the writing or story at all.

Overall, this is one of those books that readers need to make their own decision on. I’m invested in the characters so I’m definitely up for reading the next book, and though I had a few issues with this story other readers may not have the same problem.

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