Review: Before the Daisies Grow – Cate’s Take

Genre: Contemporary

Rating: Yay

When Dotty gets the brilliant idea to go away on a holiday, her two friends are onboard until she decides to spend their vacation on a remote island off the West African coast. But Dotty, the leader of her trio of biddies, convinces them with the help of her quick mind and maybe one too many glasses of sherry.

 The book itself is actually quite amusing. Dotty, Wilma, and Nora are sixty-something “glamour grans” who act like they’re much younger—which is both a help and a hindrance to the story. Desperate to have fun, they end up unwittingly in the hands of a con artist opium dealer who has nefarious plans for the trio, and they’re none the wiser. I feel like their willingness to trust Lucas was more as a way to move the plot forward than a character flaw (can you really call a willingness to trust people a flaw?). Granted, Nora has her misgivings concerning him, but Dotty steamrolls her and she ends up going along with it anyway.

 I expected a little more action. Not necessarily RED or Expendibles-esque (though I could easily see Helen Mirren as Wilma), but something. Three older ladies are caught in the middle of a drug bust, and they see none of the action. The book remains relatively quiet and gives the feeling that the Glamour Grans could have had their adventures pretty much anywhere.

I did enjoy the interplay between the three and the budding romance between Dotty and Ramsey, and I love the general concept of the book—three older women getting out and enjoying themselves. It’s a great reminder that, even as we age, we have the potential for fun, adventure, and love.

Before the Daisies Grow is available at Amazon.


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