Author Interview: Fit to Kill

Donnie kindly took the time to answer a few questions for us about his novel, Fit to Kill. Thank you, Donnie, for taking the time to chat with us!

DonnieWhetstoneWhy did you choose to write this story in present tense, third person omniscient? What does it bring to the table that other perspectives didn’t for you?
Well, Fit to Kill is my first novel but I’ve been writing for years, primarily articles on training and nutrition, which is generally written in present tense. Because I’ve been writing that way through my other works for so long, it was only natural to do the same with Fit to Kill.

What drove your interest in fitness, and the dark sides of it?
To make a long story short, an eleven year old fat kid had a defining moment in his life to never be a laughing stock…ever! That was forty two years ago and I’m still training…with clients to boot. The dark side is merely the result of long training days that after awhile, takes the mind to sick, demented places no moral person need know about…but you write them in a book anyway.

Any current aspirations for taking Tara further on?
First, I must say I liked Tara a lot and she was definitely my favorite character. I left the book open to go further with her but I’m really caught up in my current project.

Were there any things you really enjoyed writing or researching that didn’t make it into the book?
No not really.

What are your future writing endeavors?
Right now I’m working on a paranormal thriller entitled Night Spear. Maybe after that Tara and I might hook up again.

About Donnie:

I am a full time personal trainer with nearly twenty years of experience and over 70,000 training hours in homes, gyms and my own private training studio.  I currently co-own Fit Stop 24, a 24 hour fitness center in Olympia, Washington.  I also have 13 years of military service in both the US Marines and US Army serving as a platoon sergeant and acting first sergeant.  My experience as a trainer and veteran were extremely helpful in writing Fit to Kill.

Fit to Kill is available from these retailers:

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