Fit to Kill Book Review

Genre: Mystery/Crime

Rating: No


This book has quite an interesting premise. Detective Tara Tanner is a strong yet flawed female policeman, who suffered a hard break at the last big case, which has hurt her confidence and other’s belief in her. As a resident of Le Flore, she is caught up in the fitness craze as well as everyone else – everyone FitToKillCoverin this town has a personal trainer, or at least a gym. While the premise of this story is very interesting, the execution of it is lacking.

I read a LOT of police procedurals. Although I am by no means an expert,  I do know some about how the police work (thank you, Police Handbook, Citizen’s Police Academy, and the many fine police who’ve given me book advice over the years), and it drove me absolutely up a wall not having any of the procedures followed correctly. Particularly in the beginning chapters. There was little that made sense in today’s modern-day ways of handling evidence, persons of interest, and so on. I was able to make excuses up to a certain point, but there were so many obvious, logical choices she could have made and didn’t that after a certain point, I couldn’t push it aside anymore.

Additionally, the tense of the book shifted between present tense omniscient to the occasional third person. And while second tense can work, it just didn’t here.  It made certain areas awkward—I couldn’t tell whose brain we were following—while many new characters, some of whom weren’t terribly important, we received a backstory rundown as we received a brief scene from their POV. It clogged up the story and dragged out scenes which were ultimately unnecessary in terms of attention to time/detail. I would have really enjoyed this as mostly Tara’s POV, and with little or no others.

I did enjoy this book’s ability to give a whole picture about the main character, Tara. We saw her life at work and home, her hopes, her fears, and even her personal sins. There are so many things haunting her from her past and present, and each layer revealed an intricate, believable character who was relatable.

Overall, while this book has merit, it really needs more work to be a solid story which can stand on its own.


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