Author Interview: Liz Long

Liz LongToday I have the author of The Gifted here to answer a few questions I had about her first Donovan Circus Novel. I didn’t pull any punches and I hope my questions spark some more interest in her work. ūüôā Without further ado:

1. This book involved a wide range of characters, yet you only told the story from the first person perspective of Lucy. What was your motivation for that POV? 
¬†I’ve always been more comfortable writing in first person so when I started writing my first book, it was just a natural decision. I wanted a strong female character who was well aware of her talents and what she could do, but I wanted her to be reintroduced to¬†the¬†gifted¬†world in a way that would still give readers explanations as to how everything worked. Plus, she’s a good girl, learning about all new bad things, and I wanted to show¬†the¬†progression of her coming in, new and naive, while at¬†the¬†end, she’s a bit tougher and knows she should be careful about who she trusts – while still retaining her optimistic attitude about things.
2. I love all the powers and descriptions of the different abilities. Do you plan at some point to offer a glossary of the different powers within this universe?
¬†I actually do have a glossary listed on my website! It’s only¬†the¬†beginning of what powers I’ve thought about and even includes a couple that aren’t from¬†GIFTED¬†and instead are from another story based in a¬†gifted¬†world.
3. You also recently released a second book, Witch Hearts, which sounds really interesting a bit different than The Gifted. Is this book set in the same universe as the characters from Donovan Circus? 
¬†Witch Hearts is completely different from¬†Gifted¬†– it’s a stand alone title and is about a serial killer hunting witches for their powers. Same idea of magic, murder, and mystery, but with a completely different world and group of characters.
4. In The Gifted, Lucy finds herself at the center of a love triangle. While we see a ton of love triangles in young adult books and a few in New Adult, I was surprised there was one. I really thought Lucy was gonna go for Gabriel all the way. Was this planned or is this how the story progressed? 

¬†Honestly, it’s just how it progressed. When originally writing¬†Gifted, Lucy was supposed to end up with Keegan (or at least show interest and hints at a future relationship). However, when I started writing¬†the¬†relationship between Lucy and Gabriel, I found myself liking their chemistry more and more. He’s not afraid to call her out and make her face reality, while she brings out a side of him that he didn’t realize he had. Plus, their conversations are really fun to write! It was a natural progression that made sense to me – and to a lot of readers as they told me how much they loved Gabriel! People keep asking me who she chooses and sometimes I go back and forth so much that I don’t even know yet!
5. In the book Lucy and several of the other circus performers speak of the comic book series The X-Men and compare themselves to characters. I take it X-Men was a bit of the inspiration for the idea, but what other inspirations did you have for this novel and what future plans are there for The Donovan Circus? 
¬†X-Men was certainly an inspiration, though I try to deviate as much as possible from that world.¬†The¬†group acknowledges their similar powers to¬†the¬†comic books (a completely tongue in cheek mention), but that’s as far as I wanted it to go. I’m a visual person, so along with the¬†PBS documentary “Circus,” I definitely watched a lot of YouTube videos of circus acts or Cirque de Soleil to get ideas for¬†the performances!
The¬†Donovan Circus is meant to be a series, so there will definitely be more books! I am hoping to have¬†the¬†second title out in late 2013, early 2014. Because of what Lucy’s done to protect her circus family, there will be repercussions heard around¬†the¬†gifted¬†world. It brings other enemies out of¬†the¬†shadows and hints at a bigger fight than Lucy or even¬†the¬†Donovan group. She’ll also have to accept her family history and what it means to be Lenny Sullivan’s Firestarter daughter. Let’s just say that in¬†the¬†second book, Lucy and her friends will be taking a road trip, where, as usual, there are more problems than answers!
I can’t wait to see what comes next for Lucy and her friends for sure. Thank you for dropping by Liz.
The Gifted is available at:
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Liz Long is lucky enough to have a dream career in magazine publishing as an editor and writer, yet still have time to create adventures on the side. If you catch her staring off into space or talking to herself, don‚Äôt worry ‚Äď it‚Äôs just her imagination at work.

Liz graduated from Longwood University with a BA in English, though her professors might be disappointed to hear she reads more fantasy fiction than literary novels. She also loves action and thriller genres. This book probably won’t change your life, but she hopes it steals you away from reality for a while. 

Her newest release, Witch Hearts, will be for sale on Amazon on April 30th. Her first book, Gifted, a Donovan Circus Novel, is also available for paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

To learn more about Liz, visit her website:

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