Author Interview- Whistle Down the Wind Author Sibelle Stone

sibellestoneToday I have Sibelle Stone and her delayed interview. Don’t blame her, she’s been convention hopping and just downright busy. Luckily she was able to snag a few moments and answer my questions about her latest release Whistle Down the Wind. Without further ado, Sibelle
1. Whistle Down The Wind has a ton of detailed references to Wiccan ceremonies, celebrating the solstice, etc. How did you research this information for the book?

I work for one of the busiest library systems in the country, so research is actually one of the easiest things I do. I know a lot of reference librarians and they love getting challenging questions. I’ve been interested in witchcraft for many years and have a whole collection of books on the history of witchcraft in addition to the library resources and some on-line research. One problem we do have in the library is that the books on witchcraft are often stolen, by people who object to us putting them on the shelves. But, our policy is “free and open access” so it’s important to have all kinds of books available to readers.

2. I was a bit bummed when Griffin’s true purpose in the New World/Americas didn’t really get resolved or at least we didn’t see the culprit he was seeking. Is this something that will be revealed in a future book?

Yes, since this is a 4 book series, I needed to leave that bit of plot hanging. If you tie up all the lose ends in a series, there really isn’t a reason for the reader to come back. Each book will stand on it’s own, but there is an overarching plot line about the sisters magical abilities and the Dark Druids efforts to destroy King Charles II.

3. Catlin is really the ‘hero’ of the book. She rescues herself and Griffin from multiple battles and situations. Was this intentional to have Catlin essentially be her own hero or is it just how she evolved while writing the story?

I like to write strong women, and often get in trouble for it. My heroines have been called “bitches” because they stand up for themselves. They don’t always need the hero to take care of them, they WANT a relationship with the hero. I think for modern women, this is significant. I love reading historical romance, but if the heroine is too much of a “doormat” – I lose interest in the book. I like writing a couple that works together to resolve issues. They need to respect each other and what they bring to the relationship. Besides, BITCH can mean – beauty in total control of herself.

4. Now, I would imagine there are future books planned for the Mystic Moon series, who’s book can we expect next and when? How many do you have planned?

There are four sisters, and I’m planning for each sister, who also controls an element, to have a book. Their stories will be linked but I wanted each one to have her turn. The next book is about the eldest sister, Aelwyd, the fire mage. I set up her story a bit in “Whistle Down the Wind”. Then there is Meaghan, the water witch, who will get tangled up with a pirate, (actually a privateer) and finally the youngest sister, Seren, who is an earth witch. I also want to write a novella about some of the characters in Jamestown. I’ve actually had questions about them. The next Mystic Moon book is planned for Fall of this year. I just finished a Steampunk book and have a Western to finish before getting back to the 17th century. Since I work full-time and write full-length books, I can’t produce books quickly.

5. Finally compared to your previous books and writing adventures what do you enjoy most about writing the Mystic Moon series?

I really love writing this series about four sisters. I have two sisters and it’s a very special relationship. There is great love and sometimes, great conflict. Having the opportunity to include information about the European witch craze is also important to me. We don’t even know how many women were executed during those times, but it was a huge number considering the total population.


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  1. Mark Whitaker
    May 29, 2013 @ 12:34:18

    Yes, but what about the Scotsman and his wife?? When will we learn more about them??



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