Happy Friday- Dancing Monkey’s Edition

It’s our first ever Happy Friday post. As promised in the title here’s the dancing monkey

dancing-monkey-2_152710_GIFSoup.comNormally on Friday, as you faithful readers are aware, we have author reviews for This Week’s Read. A few hiccups, disappearing email, and a good dose of general mayhem and we’ve got a Happy Friday post instead.

So let’s cover some good stuff. We’ve got a delayed newsletter, expect it in your inbox next week, and we have website updates getting ready to take place. If you, dear reader, have any website ideas feel free to share. We love opinions. Also we’re looking to raise a few funds to get our own url. We want to make it easy for you and all your friends to find us.


Also, are you an Indie Author with something to share? We still have guest post spots open for August and beyond. These posts are designed for you to help showcase your latest work, and share your thoughts about the author journey or other topics. We love learning more about the authors who are working hard to bring awesome Indie Books to the hands of our readers. So send us an email and get on our posting schedule.

That’s it for news and for dancing monkeys. Definitely swing by next week. The week’s read is sure to be exciting.


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