Review: Whistle Down The Wind- Landra’s Take

Genre: Historical/Paranormal Romance

Rating: Yay! 

I’m a sucker for a good romance, especially a historical one; add in magic and dark druids, and I’m sold!

This is the first book in Stone’s Mystic Moon series. The story center’s around the second to oldest of four sisters, Catlin Glyndwr, and her determination to avoid the hangman’s noose and find a future for her family without persecution. She seeks safe passage to the New World via an escort in Sir Griffin Reynolds. Griffin accepts, with a little coercion, and these pair set out on a journey that will challenge their ability to offset attraction as well as stay alive. Set in the mid-1600s, at a time when people, especially women, were accused of witchcraft without provocation, Stone allows readers to explore what life was like for those of the time and for a real witch.

Catlin is feisty  and a powerful witch able to summon gusts of air and storms with little difficulty. I liked Catlin. She’s a heroine with loyalty, empathy, and dedication to her tasks. This woman can also take care of herself, which for a female in the 1600s is pretty impressive. Her growth comes from trusting others with her secrets, being independent from her family, and opening herself up to the possibilities of love.

Witches are commonly known as adepts in Catlin’s world, and each one has a certain power and spirit creatures who assist them. For Catlin it’s a group of slyphs or elemental’s of air that work with her to execute her spells. These little creatures ask for all manner of shiny baubles when they help out. Her sister, Aelwyd, it’s a group of fire dragons. The sad part is Stone only gives a slice of the mythology behind the witch craft and the sister’s enemies, the dark druids, in this first book. I found myself really wanting more information in this area. The mythos of the world in which the sisters dwell is what I really desired.

The hero, Sir Griffin Reynolds, is a hunk. I liked his ability to play the rogue, but when it came to playing hero, I felt like he got shafted. In multiple situations Catlin was the one rescuing him, instead of the normal hero rescues heroine type of story. While Griffin doesn’t do much rescuing, he does assist Catlin in learning more about love and sensual practices; so, in that way he’s a hero. His character his fleshed out pretty well, but my only hiccup, this may or may not be major, is that Griffin’s secret reason for traveling to the New World is never revealed.

Overall, this is a good book with a bit of true history mixed with some paranormal elements. You’ve got a good cast of characters and a heroine that does some major butt kicking; without a sword I might add.

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