Author Journey – Kendall Grey

So excited to have one of my favorite authors PERIOD on the blog today! In case you’re new to the blog, or your memory is . . . about as good as mine, Kendall’s novel Inhale received YAY ratings from both Landra and me, so it’s a good ‘un.

And here’s her journey.

Take it away, Kendall!


Every writer—published or not—has story to tell about her “journey.” Here’s mine in easy-to-digest bullet points, pre-chewed for your convenience:

1. I read TWILIGHT and decided I should write a book. How many times have you heard that one before? 😉

2. I wrote a book and thought it was totally badass. All my friends agreed.

3. I queried agents and editors. I quickly learned my book was not, in fact, badass. Rather, it was just plain bad.

4. I screamed, cried, cursed my friends for lying to me, and tore out my hair. Oh, the misery! Oh, the depths of despair!

5. I blew my nose and started looking for solutions to my bad book problem. I joined some writer groups and found a critique partner.

6. I revised the book with my CP’s help.

7. I sent it out again. More rejection. More wailing. More mourning and gnashing of teeth.

8. I joined a specialty group of fantasy writers and got more feedback. I revised the book again.

9. I entered contests and failed miserably at them. More revision ensued.

10. I got a big nibble from my dream agent after winning a critique from her. She asked me to revise and resubmit.

11. More contest entries. I finaled in a few and won 1st place in one.

12. At the husband’s insistence, I decided that if my dream agent said no again, I would self-publish. It had been 3 years. Enough of this crap.

13. After 40+ rejections, more than 10 contest finals, thirteen major rewrites, and four years of blood, sweat, and tears, I self-published INHALE in 2012. I vowed to donate all profits from that book and the rest of the trilogy to programs that educate people about whales.

14. Great! I was finally published. But I wasn’t selling very many books, so no profits for the whales. Damn it.

15. Back to square one with a new twist. How do you get noticed when you’re buried under a million other authors who are all vying for the same audience?  (When you figure it out, let me know.)

16. I used all sorts of marketing ploys to attract potential readers. Most of them didn’t work. So I wrote another book and published it.

17.  Yada, yada, yada…Same shit, different book, but sales increased once I had a book in the back catalogue.

18. I published my third book in January and wrote my first donation check for $5,000 to Whale Camp. I guess maybe I have sold a few books after all. 🙂

Most days I don’t feel like I know any more now than I did four years ago. One thing I do know, however, is that the more you publish, the more books you sell. That’s a fact. So, I’m back to plotting and planning my next series, taking what I’ve learned from the awesome writer friends who’ve helped along the way, and putting my creativity to work.

Number one lesson learned: The destination isn’t nearly as important as the journey.

Thank you for joining us again, Kendall. We love having you grace our blog.

All of Kendall’s stuff is available through:


Barnes & Noble

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