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EB Ryan NO BACKGROUND TEXT compressedIt’s Friday! And what better way to kick off the weekend then with an author interview. I’ve got in my Indie Interview Parlor E. B. Ryan, author of Secrets of Fae. She’s ready to spill the beans on my probing questions. Let’s just say she was ready for me!  On to the interview.

1. There is a ton of world building in Secrets of Fae, different realms for different species, yet vampires and shape shifters exist in the human realm only. Is there a vamp/shifter realm or are they stuck with us blood bags?

There isn’t a vamp/shifter realm. Vampires started as humans so they naturally share the same realm with us blood bags lol. The shifters are not sure of their origins but the most popular theory is that certain Fae creatures procreated with humans when the veils between the realms were open to all. Shifters prefer the earth realm as it has wonderful hunting and recreational facilities for their animal persona.

2. When I started reading Secrets of Fae I felt like there was another Alex adventure prior to the current story and somehow I’d missed it. Is there a prequel and will readers ever get a chance to enjoy it? 

You’re right to presume there was novel before Secrets of Fae. Unfortunately due to my lack of knowledge of the publishing world (being my first novel) I was burned by a less than reputable publisher, which I had to fight for several years to get the rights for it back. I wasn’t going to do anything with it because this publisher basically made me want to wash my hands of it and ruined any chances of it being a reputable novel. BUT having had several enquiries about it I am now toying with the idea of revisiting and rewriting it. I’m undecided but I may even set it up as a free e-book for peeps that buy either of my two novels that are currently in circulation.

3. As with most fantasy novels, the world in which the characters operate is vastly different then our own. Alex’s world is filled with different realms and all manner of supernatural creatures from gods to pixies. If you had to choose 1 supernatural entity to become what would you be? 

It is a toss of a coin for me between a large feline shifter or witch. But if I had to choose one I would say a witch. I’d love to be able to use natural elements to create kick ass spells!

4. Of course a required question is: Is there more Alex, high priestess of all things supernatural, coming? If so, when can readers expect the next installment?

Of course there will be more High Priestess novels J Alex is nowhere near finished yet! At the moment I’m working on another project that is due for release later this year. This novel is still within the fantasy genre using the same world as the Fae series but a different set of characters entirely. I’m hoping once I get that on the shelves it’ll be time to visit Alex again.

5. Finally, what’s the most difficult part of writing fantasy? Of writing in general?

I’ probably say the most difficult part of writing fantasy would be trying to keep it fresh.  With the popularity of fantasy and so many great authors of this genre out there, it’s hard to make sure you’re not doing the “same old stuff with different icing.” Of writing in general it’s really trying to make sure that your readers are able to imagine what I can see in my head. For example a character can either be two dimensional  ‘he stared over the open balcony to the empty bar room and felt uneasy’ or he can be 3D and multi-coloured ‘leaning one hip on the balcony rail, he followed a coil of smoke from a half- finished cigarette make its way through the silent bar.  The rancid taste of stale beer and greasy fries coated his throat as a sense of uneasiness settled in the pit of his stomach.  Making sure to remember to do this throughout a novel takes practice and dedication.

Secrets of Fae is available at:

Champagne Books




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  1. EB Ryan
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 20:44:22

    Thanks Landra for taking the time to review Secrets of Fae. I loved the interview questions and had fun answering them. As a writer I’m always improving through each write and edit. I appreciate the feedback and peeps like yourself help authors out enormously. So a big thanks again.


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