Review: Secrets of Fae by E B Ryan – Landra’s Take

Rating: Maybe

Genre: Urban Fantasy (you could also call it high fantasy, they’re saving the world)

In a sentence: Secrets of Fae is a journey of elaborate world-building that you won’t get lost in. This book is an adventure that follows a Fae High Priestess, Alex Chase, as she deals with a vampire out for revenge and world domination, prophecies, and a large group of supernaturals all with their own agenda.

Alex is a refreshing heroine in the Urban Fantasy world because she’s not a super bad ass right off the bat. Hell, she doesn’t wear skin-tight clothes either. She does have an over-adoring male fan base consisting of vampires, shape shifters and demons. Why does everyone find her attractive? I’m not sure, but I get a kick out of her ability to parade through the attractions while maintaining a relationship with her main squeeze, vampire Xavier. Did I also mention she has these kick butt wards/tattoos of a wolf and a dragon that emerge from her body at command. Love. It.

The story is from Alex’s perspective only, and while I’m a fan of the dual perspective in books I enjoyed my time in Alex’s head. She’s funny and not afraid to call herself out for being an irrational. Action sequences, powers, abilities, and the mythos were all in place and interesting. I found myself wanting more of the history of the realms and how they came to be; good world-building will drive those desires. There are a ton of characters in the story to keep straight, but Ryan did a good job of sprinkling them in throughout the book so when a new character was introduced I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

My issues were more quirks than anything. Frankly, there was often more telling versus showing within Alex’s actions and emotions, repetitious dialogue tags, where they probably weren’t needed, and a feeling like a I was reading a sequel instead of the beginning of a story. Add in a couple of times where I thought there were more questions being provided then answers and a few too many plot points created or left unresolved.

Needless to say the pros and cons balance each other and I admit to getting hooked on Alex’s world and ultimately how she plays into that world. There’s plenty of room for additional adventures and Secrets of Fae could very well be the start of another urban fantasy series to invest in.

Secrets of Fae is available at:

Champagne Books



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  1. lexcade
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 21:58:55

    Great review, Landra. Might have to give this one a shot.


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