This Week’s Read: Secrets of Fae by E B Ryan

SecretsOfFae-EBOOKAlex Chase may be high priestess of the Fae realm, but that doesn’t stop threats from being made on her life. The secrets of her power have been leaked to an evil vampire faction, and Alex finds herself in a race against time to stop them from and getting their hands on a book of prophecies. As Alex learns more about her powers, she begins to doubt her own relationship with her boyfriend, Xavier. She also suspects her mentor, Paralda, of manipulating her life in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy.

Not knowing who to trust, Alex takes matters into her own hands, and begins to take charge of her own destiny to save Fae. Alex will do whatever it takes even if the consequences of her actions make her more diabolical than any of the creatures she faces.


Secrets of Fae is available at:

Champagne Books




About the author:

EB Ryan NO BACKGROUND TEXT compressedE B Ryan is an aspiring author in the popular urban fantasy genre.  She currently has two books under contract and is working on a third title.

She lives in a small town on the south coast of Tasmania, Australia with her partner, two small children, cat, eclectus parrot, and two slightly deranged horses.

E B Ryan loves writing anything to do with the preternatural and is an avid reader of the same.  She is currently working with two awesome publishing companies and spends many romance filled hours in her fantasy world.  Her characters have become some of her most important friends, revealing their story has become virtually as vital as breathing.

Although her heroes and heroines are of the preternatural persuasion, she claims she has never met a vampire, shapeshifter, demon, or fairy but of course there is always tomorrow.


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