Author Interview – Taylor Wilmering

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Today, Taylor Wilmering joins me for an interview! Thanks for joining us, Taylor!
This book is fantastically researched! Would you care to give readers some insight into your background?
Thank you!
I am the daughter of a former police officer, so I have grown up with an interest in law enforcement and criminology.
Since June 2007, I have been a civilian role player for local emergency responders, playing a variety of characters for law enforcement and medical training exercises. I’ve grown up around police officers, and have spent a lot of time dealing with various medical issues, so those experiences have really been useful in these scenarios!
My major in college is International & Cultural Studies, with a focus on the Middle East. Since the events of 9/11, I have been fascinated by the history and culture of the Middle East, as well as Islamic terrorism. I have studied groups like Al Qaeda in depth, learning about the history of Islamic extremism and the ideology and methodology of various terrorist groups.
What made you decide to put Ansar Inshallah into the United States? Did you always have an interest in sleeper cells?
The events of 9/11 changed how we look at acts of terrorism and terrorist groups. Their methodology is changing.
Muhammad Atta and the 9/11 hijackers managed to blend into society in the United States and Europe, going (mostly) undetected until the day that they stepped forward to carry out their mission.
TV shows like “24” and “Homeland” (both of which I enjoy) have dramatized it for entertainment, but the fact is that sleeper cells and terrorism are a very real and present threat in the world today.
Of course, the reason I wrote this book was not to frighten people and cause panic! I enjoy reading; I like exciting page-turner stories. I hope you will enjoy “No Safe Place” for what it is – a fictional story, a thriller with a dose of “ripped-from-the-headlines” realism!
You mentioned that some of the events of your book are based on actual terrorist attacks. What made you decide to use them in your book?
The events in “No Safe Place” are fictional (thankfully!), but they are based on real-world people and events. At the end of the book, I included an “Author’s Note” with details about some of the information that I used to shape the story.
I included these things in the plot to show that terrorism is a real-world problem. It’s not all fiction created by Hollywood. “Truth is stranger than fiction” in many cases.
Did any of your research surprise you?
For the most part, the wide variety of things that I had to research was more surprising than the information itself. I drew on a lot of my own knowledge, went to some of my law enforcement friends for some information, and did online research for the rest. This story required a lot of research on a variety of topics; everything from various weapons, to travel time and distance between locations, to children’s toys!
Can you tell us anything about future projects?
My work as a role player has given me all sorts of information on a variety of topics. I am working on another book that I’ve tentatively titled “Broken Things.” This is a fictional story about drunk driving. Every forty-five minutes, someone in the United States is killed in a car crash caused by drunk driving. “Broken Things” tells the story of four families whose lives are forever changed by one man’s decision to drink and drive. The storyline shows how a single decision can have serious long-term consequences, and not just for the person who made the choice. It also makes powerful points about grief, pain, forgiveness, healing, and redemption.
This project is moving incredibly slowly, though, so I can’t give you any idea of when it might be finished!
Thanks for joining us, Taylor!
No Safe Place is available:
-Print version available in paperback.

-Electronic version available in .mobi, .prc, .pdf, .rtf, and plain text. (Nook, iPad, other devices)

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