Now that you’re reading this in Professor Farnsworth’s voice…

We’ve got some news, peeps!

As you may have noticed IBRU is expanding. We’ve added a fantastic 3rd reviewer (Hi, Mari!), gotten some great 4th week content, and we’re gearing up for our first-ever giveaway, which is going to be MASSIVE.

So, in order to help you keep up with all the shiny newness of our humble little site, we’re working on two new things:

#1) We’ve set up a Twitter account. For the Twitter-savvy out there, it’ll be an easy way to keep up with all things Indies. As always, we’re open to suggestions on what you’d like to see in an IBRU Twitter account because we’re professionals (which means we have NO IDEA what we’re doing).

#2) Thanks to the lovely and talented Landra, we got our own NEWSLETTER, and we couldn’t be happier.

Well, we could be—if you subscribed to it (unless you have, and then we love you).

There are a lot of reasons to subscribe to our newsletter. In fact, I will list some of them in convenient bullet form:

  • We are hilarious.
  • We offer brilliant insight into books.
  • We’ll give you exclusive content from our brainboxes.
  • We’ll love you forever.

Do you really need more reasons than those?

No? Good. To subscribe, you’ll just need to scroll down to the “NEWSLETTER” heading on the right-hand side of your screen.

And then our eternal love will be delivered electronically.


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