Review: Searching for Julia Stone – Cate’s take


Genre: Women’s fiction

Rating: YAY!

I write YAY with enthusiasm. I, ye olde persnickety reader-who-doesn’t-like-women’s-fiction not only liked Searching for Julia Stone, I LOVED it.

Why? Well, let’s see. It’s engaging, Julia is a HILARIOUS narrator, and Monk knows how to make a reader care for her characters.

Also helpful is the use of 1st person present tense to tell the story. We’re not only viewing Julia’s life, we’re along for the ride, able to walk beside Julia as she experiences the roller coaster ride of living life with depression. All of Monk’s characters, even the photo of Julia’s younger self she calls “Flat Julia,” are so real they could be sitting in front you. Each character is full of conflict, contradictions, and personality. One of the best parts of Monk’s book is that you feel like she’s taken such care to craft each and every person we meet as we walk beside Julia.

The writing isn’t flawless, but it is honest and has a ton of heart. Julia is a mess, and that’s being kind. Faced with a kind of mid-life crisis at the ripe old age of 38 *I say that with sarcasm, ladies*, she’s struggling to find a way to make herself happy without sacrificing the happiness of those she loves most— her younger boyfriend, Michael and her 14-year-old daughter Katie. She precariously balances motherhood, relationship, small-business owner, best friend, and woman on a too-small plate that threatens to fall out of her grasp nearly every second of every day.

This book is one of those that will knock you down and build you back up slowly, piece by piece. Shatter your soul and hand you superglue to put yourself back together, and it’s one of those that will leave you thinking about it long after you’ve put it down.

I’d highly recommend Julia Stone to anyone who would enjoy a chick flick, and maybe to a few of us who don’t. 😉

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