Review: Kier- Landra’s Take

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Rating: Maybe

Enter a sci-fi universe that transcends race, gender, and even individual thought…

That’s at least how I felt following Quin and Kier’s haphazard adventures jumping between planets and points in time. These two travelers seek redemption in their own way, as a well as a path to follow for the remainder of their days. There’s action, plots, and plenty of discovery in this story. This book really felt like a two in one, and I found myself easily drawn to the second half of the book more so then the first half.

What I liked:

The fantasy/sci-fi aspects. Pippa has created a wonderful universe outside of our own with multiple races that vary in looks and cultures followed with brilliant scientific technologies. I honestly wanted to be in the universe and be able to jump to planets just like Quin; dark powers or not. I enjoyed the romance, of course I did, I’m a romance junkie. The sweet aspects of the budding attraction and tension were well-developed and attended; no rushed romance here. Quin is not the average heroine. She’s flawed and has had multiple relationships before Kier. This isn’t about soul mates, but about finding someone to share time with. There’s also no clean-cut, black/white decision-making. The conflicts and resolutions require some grey line hovering where Quin and Keir can’t fully condemn those who seek to either destroy, meddle, or help them. Finally I liked the villains. I wanted more history about them, origins and all the fun stuff. Pippa will you please give me more Sentiac early stories?

What I didn’t like:

The setting descriptions dragged a bit. I was so jockeyed up by all the action and dialogue interactions my attention lacked when a descriptive paragraph came. I paid attention for the 3-5 sentences, but anything longer had me skipping to the next piece of dialogue. I didn’t like the internal wishy-washy that Kier had for 3/4 of the book. I’m sorry I really liked Kier’s desire to be better than what anyone thought of him, but besides his powers and massive size I thought Kier was a bit of a wimp. I didn’t seem him surviving very far without Quin. Sure he’d survived on his own before meeting Quin, but even I was a bit surprised at that. If course I’m a fan of the alpha male and Kier is not an alpha, so that could be a bit biased. Finally, I felt a bit disjointed mid-way through. This felt like two short stories molded into one book and I think the jarring wouldn’t have happened if there was something to announce the transition or segway from one part of Kier’s development to the next part of his journey.

Overall, this is a good merge of Sci-Fi and Romance. If you’re a sci-fi/fantasy fan you’ll enjoy Kier hands down. Romance fans, you’ll enjoy the second half of this book the most. This was more of maybe for me because I felt so in the middle with everything. There were good aspects and turn offs. I think Pippa Jay is worth a read if you’re at all feeling a bit of interest and I look forward to seeing what she’s got coming next.

Kier is available at:

Lyrical Press Inc

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