Review – Everything Theory: Cold Compass

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Rating: YAY!


THIS BOOK IS CREEPY. I wish I could leave it there, but I guess you guys want an actual review instead of a single sentence…

THIS BOOK IS CREEPY. In a really good way. A great way in time for Halloween, too. The book begins with a creepy murder. an old man and his dog are literally ripped to shreds by some unnatural force that’s now plaguing the tiny town of Hasper, North Carolina, and those grisly murders are only the beginning of the mystery Barry Napier builds throughout Everything Theory. The story follows multiple characters through multiple points of view, and each POV adds to the layers of complexity that make this book successful.

Gabe Warren has a gift untapped until FBI Agent Ambrose Jennings contacts him concerning work Gabe’s father had been involved in prior to the father’s death. Along with Agent Walthall, a skeptical newbie agent, they travel to Hasper to begin work on unraveling the mystery surrounding the supernatural murders plaguing the town. Throughout the course of the investigation, Gabe learns more about himself and his role in his father’s legacy.

What I enjoyed most about this book is the fact that it doesn’t slow down. The pacing is fantastic, especially for this genre, and Napier keeps building the suspense in delicious ways. From the creature posing as an FBI agent to the actual menace terrorizing the town, Napier introduces curve balls to keep the reader guessing. It’s quite an enjoyable thrill ride that will at times surprise and frighten the reader, leading to a pretty satisfying ending that sets up well for the next installment in the series.


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