Author Interview – Kate Fuentes

This week, the lovely (and wonderfully understanding) Kate Fuentes joins me to chat about her book and a couple of future projects!
1.      Gaelic/Celtic mythology is starting to become prevalent in a lot of fantasy books. What made you choose to include the Maori traditions as well?
I like to spotlight different portions of history that are rarely highlighted and I tend to go out of my way to create a storyline that hasn’t been heard of before. The Maori traditions and history have been overshadowed in the western culture and I thought it would be a refreshing change of pace to shed light upon. The Gaelic feel comes from my Irish lineage, and one I am proud to be a part of, even if it is watered down from 4-5 generations of Americans.
2.       What made you decide to follow the boys from infancy through adolescence instead of starting when they were older?
Again, I like to be different from others who have come before me, even if that means going outside the norm and portraying heroes as infants. This particular aspect, in my opinion, shows vulnerability, instead of overpowering our young heroes with a sense of impenetrable forces. This may draw the reader in and create a more relatable character as opposed to an immortal being. The story will then have the opportunity to set the stage for future installments with a series of unexpected twists. Although it might have been easier to gain more of a teen-girl fanbase if I started with the twins being objects of desire rather than cute babies, toddlers, young boys and finally young teens.
3.       I enjoyed the dynamic between Gage and Talon, how one was more cautious and the other more reckless. Did you want to play with the idea of good twin/bad twin or did they reveal themselves to you that way?
I took most of my characteristic aspects from my real life sons who have completely opposite personalities. It is quite interesting to see the personality parody of brotherly love and relationship unfold before your eyes and be completely lost as to how they get along when they are so very different yet so very alike. It’s an anomaly. I’m quite grateful to have the real life Gage and Talon inspiring my writings each day through their bantering, arguing, bonding, playing, sincere moments of sheer love, loyalty and devotion.  As far as the novels go, I think most people like to see the stark difference between characters. It helps move the story along and create an interesting plot. If we were all the same, how boring would that be?
4.       What part was the most difficult/most enjoyable to write?
The most difficult part of writing the novels is trying to conjure up mystical powers that haven’t been overplayed already. My villians tend to have powers that are unique and I try to develop scenes that catch the reader off guard. I ALWAYS enjoy writing and can get lost easily inside the fantastical world for hours. It is my refuge to escape the world of reality.
5.       The second installment, Elements: Veil of Darkness is already available. Can you give us any idea as to what awaits our young heroes in the next books of the series?
I really pulled from a dark place and tried to show the depths of loss, anger and guilt while simultaneously showing the parallel world of hope, faith and perseverance. The reader is able to jump between the intriguing thought of far off worlds tied to the earth realm and the element of surprise mixed with unpredictable avenues of fiction. Basically, I’m unwilling to give you a spoiler, but I will let you know Veil of Darkness is action packed with plenty of new material and characters.
Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Kate!

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