Author Interview- Peter Dawes

And it’s time for another awesome author interview! I got a hold of Peter Dawes and he’s agreed to share a little more info about himself, his assassin vampire Flynn, and his series of books that seem to be putting the vamp back in vampire. Get rid of the glitter and embrace your dark side. Without further ado here’s Peter and his answers to my 5 questions.

1. In the first book we encounter witches and vampires, are there other supernatural creatures in Flynn’s universe?
Quite a few, actually. Even the witches, sorcerers, and vampires have different sects to them which are gradually revealed throughout the course of the books. In the next book especially we get the chance to meet another seer named Julian, as well as other members of the Supernatural Order. We also get the chance to meet the first true vampire dark magician.
2. There’s a ton of visual imagery in this book, especially with Flynn’s experiences around training and killing, have you thought about expanding to a graphic novel?
Funny you should mention! The last thing I had been doing prior to writing Flynn’s books was script writing with an independent comic studio. (I had created my own superhero, who I would love to give new life to sometime soon.) There is a large part of me who misses those days and would love a chance at penning a graphic novel, so you never know. Perhaps there might be a few black roses and some sequential art in my favorite assassin’s future.
3. I found the vampires to be extremely back and forth, never satisfied with anything. Was this intentional or just a writing follow through?
Sabrina’s coven especially are a brood of malcontents. It was not something I had the chance to get into much in EotS, since the book follows Flynn primarily, but I have a novella in the works told by one of Matthew Pritchard’s immortal children which casts more light into Sabrina and the vampires of the area. To spoil slightly, Sabrina has been embroiled in her powerplay for some time, and one of the cards she played regularly was building the population of her coven faster than any coven should be built. The result of this was a general negligence of the young vampires housed under her roof. Conversely, Matthew had been a fixture in Philadelphia since the mid-1800s and had a much different viewpoint on turning vampires. As a result, those vampires being targeted by Flynn were actually very confident, unapologetic immortals.
4. If you’re not Peter Dawes, then who’s the man behind these stories? Tell readers a bit about him?
*laughs* I am a parent, in a committed relationship with an extremely loving, supportive partner, and perhaps one of the kindest neurotics you might ever meet in person. I definitely have an artist’s soul, which makes it easy to identify with someone as tortured as Peter, so there are moments when my mood swings are impressively epic. But gods, do I love to write. This has been my form of self-expression ever since I was in middle school and I do not see that changing any time soon. Want to make me light up like a Christmas tree? Tell me you loved my characters. They are my “head children” and grant me that burst of pride when they are being complimented by another. 😉
5. Whens the next Vampire Flynn book due out and is there any other tales readers should know about?
Rebirth of the Seer has already been released and is available in both Kindle and paperback formats through We plan on expanding it out to Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble at the beginning of 2013. Fate of the Seer has a tentative release date of June, 2013, but we are seeing what we can do about making it available sooner. At the very least, we promise a few morsels to whet your appetites in-between.
Thank you again for the chance to review your book, and good luck in all your future endeavors. 
Thank you as well, Landra. I hope our paths might cross again soon. 🙂


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