Review: Eyes of the Seer- Landra’s Take

Rating: Maybe

A tale of a vampire from his earliest experiences to his first few trials …

That’s the journey author Peter Dawes took me on, exploring the vampire nightlife within Philadelphia, PA. It starts with a bit of murder, then a transformation, then some more murder, and then a mystery. All the winding and twitching leads one very different vampire away from the dark side.

The good parts: A different kind of vampire world. No sparkly, friendlies here. It’s all blood, life taking, and generally embracing your inner evil; at least for the majority of the book. The action sequences are plentiful and well thought out. I felt like I was reading a movie, and there is plenty of gore for the folks who watch action movies just to see people blow apart. Flynn in general is a conflicted character with a ton of growth potential, which gives the reader conflict! Yay! And there’s plenty of internal and external conflict. Surprisingly I wasn’t as turned off from the first-person POV as I usually am.

The parts that made me go “eh”: The prose was a bit long-winded. There were many instances where I felt like Flynn enjoyed hearing himself think. Multiple occasions where the descriptions were a bit lengthy and I found myself skipping paragraphs to get to the next interaction. This damaged the pacing of the book, along with the story length. I found challenges with the linear chronological progression. There were too many details I felt could have been left out in favor for more interaction and dialogue; I’m not big on internal monologues that last pages.

Overall, I think this could be an enjoyable story for some, especially if you enjoy long journey’s or tales. I did become connected to the character Flynn and a few others in the story so I would probably read the next story just to find out what happens. But if you’re not a patience reader and tend to be more driven to action, conflict, action stories then this one may not be for you.


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  1. Peter
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 23:26:22

    Thank you for reviewing Eyes of the Seer, Landra! Your perspective and insight is deeply appreciated, speaking as one who constantly seeks to polish and hone my craft. I am honored to have been featured on your blog.


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