Review: Dark Before Dawn – Landra’s Take

Genre: YA Paranormal

Rating: Maybe

This book reminded me of the movie The Craft in multiple ways. A group of outcast teenage girls, a protagonist that has psychic abilities that she is afraid of and can’t control, and teenage bullying that sparks some deadly mischief. The main differences include an adult villain whose revenge stems from her own childhood and the protagonist’s family is more involved, more caring in my opinion. Also Dawn is no floozy; she takes time to research what she’s learning.

Did I like this psychic journey? Yes and no. There were places the plot dragged, including the beginning and midway through the story. I felt that Dawn was a bit too predictable and not as complex as I expected. This was one of those books where I could predict just about every plot twist and turn. You could almost say I was psychic. I also felt there were a lot of holes near the wrap of the story, and I didn’t like the fact that a character was continuously mentioned but never introduced outside of conversation. I would guess the author has a sequel planned or the potential for one. While the ending was going for a thriller-esque feel it didn’t resonate that well with me.

What I liked were the parents, especially Dawn’s step-father and brother. They genuinely cared and went against the grain when Dawn’s abilities were finally revealed. I also enjoyed the knowledge and tidbits about psychic abilities that were shared, especially involving crystals. A personal interest of mine is psychic abilities and other aspects of the paranormal so for me the information being shared, and its accuracy, was great.

Overall I think young adults would enjoy this book, while adults may find the material too predictable to enjoy. This is definitely a quick, easy read. While some young adult stories are definitely good for YA and Adult audiences I don’t feel Dark Before Dawn is one of them.


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