Author Interview – Cynthia Justlin

Sorry for the delay in posting, everyone! Vacation kinda snuck up on me and…well…I’m sure we all know what the beach can do to a person’s memory and willingness to work….  HOWEVER, Cynthia has been gracious enough to join me for an interview, and I think you guys will appreciate her answers.

1. You mentioned that you enjoy writing stories with a lot of action, and Intrusion definitely delivers. What were the movies you loved growing up that inspired you to write this way?

Wow. That’s a tough question, because I’m a huge movie junkie! Anything from the Goonies, to The Princess Bride, to Indiana Jones, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, Say Anything, Better off Dead, Ferris Bueller, and every single Gene Kelly movie ever made. That probably showcases my love of romance more than it does my love of action, but I pretty much love a good adventure, whether that comes from action/suspense or just the adventure of life.

2. If you could pick any action stars to play Cam and Audra, who would they be and why?

I’d always pictured Audra as Rachel McAdams. She’s kind of got that girl next door/vulnerable quality that I associate with Audra. As for Cam…that’s tough, because I don’t really think of actor comparisons for my heroes. The quirk of Joaquin Phoenix with the looks of Patrick Dempsey and the action/toughness of Ralph Fiennes. I know, that’s a weird combo, but Cam has a lot of layers so it’s hard to think of one actor that embodies all those qualities.    

3. We get a brief mention of Keith and Grace, the main characters from Her Own Best Enemy. Will Cam and Audra be making any future cameos?

It’s possible! As I write the third book in The Remnants series, I may try to find a way to slip them in there. It’s always fun to revisit characters. Truth is, when I was writing HER OWN BEST ENEMY, Cam was really meant to be a ‘throwaway’ character. Someone that walks on, does his thing, and walks off. But, he leaped onto the page and tried to steal the show, so he needed his own book. He’s a character near and dear to my heart, so I imagine I’ll want to bring him back in future books.

4. I was amazed by the research you had to do for all the technology-heavy aspects of the book. What was the hardest writing you had to do? The easiest?

I have a science background, so I actually really enjoyed researching all the technology in the book. I think the hardest part was trying to ensure that I was using the technology in a plausible way. It’s very important to me to write accurately, but that accuracy does make it difficult to write those action scenes sometimes! The easiest, by far, was just writing anything in Cam’s POV. Especially when he was trying to deliberately get under Audra’s skin. I had a lot of fun writing those!

5.  Any new projects we should be keeping an eye on?

I’m the first to admit that I need to learn to write faster. I have more ideas than I have time and I’m a huge perfectionist when it comes to my books, so I don’t want to release anything that isn’t ready. But I’m currently working on the third book in The Remnants series, which features a sniper turned assassin hero and revolves around the world of corporate espionage. No firm release date on that yet. But readers can always visit my website (, which I keep current, and/or subscribe to my newsletter to learn about my upcoming projects.

Thanks for the great interview, Cynthia!

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. JL Mealer
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 18:38:04

    Excellent read, LOVE IT. Beautiful lady.


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