Review: Descendant: The Protector – Landra’s Take

Descendant: The Protector

Rating: Yay! and Maybe

Jason Hook is new in town, which makes him the least likely to make friends… at least with the normal people. He’s quickly attracting all the wrong attention from the high school bullies to some evil monsters that have quickly taken over much of the United States. Nothing’s safe anymore, and soon Jason discovers that becoming one of the ‘bad’ guys could actually save the world. The question is does he really want too?

My little blurb underplays this book because there are about a dozen or more characters that see air time besides Jason. Jason is the main protagonist, and is a bit like the curious-yet-scared-teen who could be the savior-of-the-world at some point in the future. Readers also get to meet a legion of secondary characters, which could easily turn into separate books, plot arcs, and half a dozen other options. The one thing I have to commend Koch for is taking on the challenge of so many characters. This is a feat in and of itself. When writing books with this number of characters it typically gets confusing in dialogue scenes, but Koch writes without the confusion. I knew who was talking and when, plus by highlighting just a couple of the secondary characters it was easier to keep track of the most important players.

The world Koch creates, a futuristic, monster filled Earth is definitely interested. Although it’s easy to see some parallels with other mythical demons and monsters, Koch brings his own twist which I can respect. My issues with the world were the lack of detail; I didn’t learn enough about how the world came to the state it was in now. How the monsters became so rampant where humans were hiding in fear.

Honestly this is a decent story, and naturally ends on a super big cliffhanger. So, if you get involved you’ll be chomping at the bit for book 2. Other high points include easy reading, there’s nothing complicated about the book, making it a great read for the Young Adult audience and for people just looking for something to enjoy.

My only other issue is with dialogue and some of the interactions. A lot of them appeared repetitive, especially when it came to the interactions with Jason. There was a ton of space spent on a buildup that never gets revealed, and now I have to buy book 2. Honestly, those interactions felt like filler or wasted space. I think some of the buildup could have been cut out with a sudden delivery of delicious plot meat. Finally, to me the hero doesn’t sacrifice much. A lot of big things with little emotion besides Jason connection to one beautiful monster with some deadly skills. I need to see more from young Jason or else he’ll end up like another hero who just wins because his friends save his butt; next to pure dumb luck!

Overall, Descendant: The Protector is a decent story and I’ll be interested to see how the rest of the series turns out. If you enjoy long build ups, and paranormal stories with monsters you will most likely enjoy this.


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