Review: Franklin Asylum – Landra’s Take

Franklin Asylum

Rating: Nay

Danny Morrison thinks he may have lost it—at least that’s the reason he’s checking into Franklin Asylum. He tells himself it’s a brief respite, just to figure out if he’s gone bonkers, but the people Danny encounters make his kind of crazy seem normal.

For me this story had a ton of potential, oodles of it, especially with Danny checking himself into an asylum. I was eager for the character delving, the internal thought process, and how checking into Franklin Asylum would make or break Danny. Unfortunately, I got let down.

While I got some peeks at all the asylum occupants, I didn’t get enough about Danny. I thought this could have been a device to stir up tension about who the main character was, and it was. The buildup came too late though and felt predictable instead of genius. Danny also made several choices I felt to be designed to create a story rather than fit the natural progression of his character. At times I felt like I was Danny looking at the asylum as a visitor, like I was supposed to be viewing the asylum and the activities rather than experiencing Danny’s story. Follow with dragging plot and roaming crazy head hopping, and I found myself more frustrated with the book then anything.

The bright side—I believe Rejean Giguere is able to develop believable characters with interesting lives. I felt the imagery of the asylum was real and concrete. These elements kept the story going and I was able to drag through it. Villians, crazies, and even the dear Doctor Volk had developed vices, histories, and logical progressions.

Overall, I would say Franklin Asylum is for those who are looking for wack-a-doodle characters and realistic settings. Other than that there isn’t much this book really offered to me, but I hope that future work from Giguere may prove more fruitful. 


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