Review: Rex Rising – Cate’s Take

Rating: Yay!

Rex Rising is crazy science fiction done right. Chrystalla Thoma has introduced us to a world where the most basic necessities are scarce, and parasites are readily introduced to bodies juuuust to see what they do.

What I particularly enjoyed about RR was the worldbuilding. We don’t get a whole lot of it, necessarily, but what we do get is extremely well done. Between the religions, the parasites, and the history of Elei’s world, we get something unique that beckons us to return to it.

There’s a bit of dual narration within the mystery Thoma builds. One perspective follows Elei, a boy on the run who tries to piece together the events of the tragedy that spurs him to leave his home and find any help he can; the other follows Hera, a police officer of sorts trying to find Elei and, more importantly, what Elei has. This book will hook you from beginning to end.

Anyone with a love of science fiction will enjoy Rex Rising. It will hook you from word one and won’t let go.


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