Author Interview: Kendall Grey

This week,  Inhale author and whale-enthusiast Kendall Grey joins IBRU’s Barbara Walters-in-training, Landra, for one-on-one. Take it away, ladies!

1.) I loved Gavin and Zoe, but found myself constantly wanting to know more about secondary characters like Westbrook (awesome water elemental) and Adriene (the cool best buddy). Will we see more of them in the next books?

Thanks! Gavin and Zoe are my number one faves, but I agree, there are a lot of other fun characters in INHALE to love too. Westbrook makes a brief appearance in the final book in the trilogy. Adriene is in all three books. I love that girl. She’s the perfect best friend: supportive, caring, and always ready for fun. 🙂 Other characters you’ll see again include the villain Scarlet and her mysterious Fyre Elemental buddy, Sinnder. I introduce a couple of new characters in EXHALE (book 2) and several more in JUST BREATHE (book 3). I plan to write an offshoot book about one of the side characters after I finish the trilogy. 🙂

2.) At the beginning of the book it’s mentioned that all profits will go to whale education programs, is that right? Well call me silly, but don’t authors usually publish books to make a profit for themselves? What sparked this idea and do you get to decide which programs get the money? (This is such a loaded question).

Yes, all the profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy will go to programs that educate people about whales. I don’t need the money. Whales do.

Whales are my passion. When I’m not writing, I do presentations at public schools and talk to kids about whales and the challenges they face. I can’t imagine doing anything else with whatever money I make. I’ve got a group targeted for donation, but I don’t want to say who until I work out a few details with them. Details coming soon!

3.) The story and world you’ve created is extremely interesting, but it took me just a bit to get familiar with the different phrasings and descriptions for humans and elementals. Can you offer future readers the simplistic way to remember the differences or maybe a crash course in Just Breathe terminology?

There’s actually a glossary located at that contains world-building and whale terms. I included the link in the “Notes” section just before the prologue, but I don’t think many people noticed it because several have said the same thing about the teriminology. I’ve decided to include the entire glossary (not just a link) in the next two books. Live and learn!

4.) What do you want readers to take away from the this book and the remaining stories in the Just Breathe triology?

More than anything, I want readers to be entertained and to feel that they got their money’s worth. But I also hope readers will take away an appreciation for whales. So many of the events that happen in the JUST BREATHE trilogy are based on real experiences I’ve personally had with whales. I hope those parts come across as “real” to readers and that they feel the emotion I did when I lived those experiences. I tried not to be preachy and just let the whales speak for themselves. 🙂

5.) And finally, what Cate and I are so desperate to know, when does the next book come out?

EXHALE (book 2) is scheduled for release on June 5, and JUST BREATHE, the final book in the trilogy, comes out July 10. That’s assuming I can finish it by then. HA!

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, ladies. This was fun!

Thank YOU, Kendall!

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kendallgrey
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 07:46:19

    Huge thanks to Cate and Landra for reading and reviewing INHALE and for this fun interview. You guys are awesome!


    Apr 09, 2012 @ 07:50:33

    Great interview. 🙂 I’m in the middle of INHALE myself currently and loving it.


  3. Lynn Rush
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 11:03:11

    Awesome interview. I’ve read INHALE and I’m so hooked on Zoe and Gavin. Can’t wait for MAY 1st so all the world can start reading their story!!! 🙂


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