Review: Inhale – Landra’s Take

Rating: Yay!

Love is a transcending emotion, crossing dozens of barriers—for Dr. Zoe Morgan it’s true, she loves whales and is slowly falling for the man haunting her dreams. She calls him Perfect because naturally he is there for her whenever she needs him, and willing to give her whatever she wants. When Zoe’s dream lover suddenly requests her help in a coming battle that’s more than a simple nightmare she can’t resist returning the favor.

For Gavin Cassidy, rock star and Sentinel protector of the Dreaming, Zoe is his muse. Of course he comes when she needs him, it’s his job to protect and discover her purpose. He’s just as affected by Zoe physically as he is bound to watch over her. With the battle set to begin, and Zoe holding a key component, Gavin is doing his best to keep his personal feelings out of the mix. Either way saving the day or losing means they can’t be together.

Alright, so my little synopsis is more about the romance then the action, but romance took up a huge chunk of this book. The wonderful thing is Grey magically weaves the action in and around the romance. It’s a wild ride with music, parties, battles, and plenty of vibrancy!  The world Grey has created is engaging and holds a bit of personal desire for me because who wouldn’t want to be able to wield one of the four elements?  I think it would be awesome!

The characters of Gavin and Zoe are well developed, and in fact the whole cast is interesting. I know that a book is worth reading when I love all the characters, this is one of those stories! Villains are devious to the core, especially Scarlett and Sinnder. I honestly wanted to pummel Scarlett’s face in a couple of times; for a Fyre elemental she sure can inspire some rage. Essentially each character’s element is brought forth when you read about them.

A couple things to point this book involves some head hopping, but transitions are seamless. The most challenging part is getting comfortable with the Grey’s Just Breathe terminology. Everything is explained at the beginning but it doesn’t hurt to have the dictionary for the terminology on Grey’s website saved to favorites. Another caught off guard moment is the amount of profanity. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cursing, and I don’t think Grey has overdone anything. Her characters love to use words appropriately, but for those not accustomed here is a fair warning. The profanity doesn’t detract from the reading in the least. It’s a part of the experience.

Overall, Inhale is a refreshing urban fantasy that takes a course away from the typical fare of shifters, vampires, angels, etc. available. If you want something new, that will keep you up all night, and put a gorgeous face with a voice from Oz in your head then Inhale is the one to buy!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kendallgrey
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 07:47:26

    Wow, Landra, thanks so much for this review. I’m thrilled that both you and Cate enjoyed INHALE. Thank you guys for reading!


    • landragraf
      Apr 05, 2012 @ 11:33:05

      No, thank you for the opportunity. It takes a lot to step up and put your book on display for potential criticism. So we appreciate it. Now hurry up and finish the next one. Lol!


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