Author Interview: Cyndi Tefft

This week, author Cyndi Tefft joins Landra for a one-on-one. Take it away, ladies!

1. What were your inspirations for Between? And that incredibly hot hero, Aiden?

There were two, actually: Diana Gabaldon and Stephenie Meyer. I was in the middle of reading Diana’s Outlander series and was aching for a Scottish Highlander of my own when I saw a video interview with Stephenie. She was talking about being a stay at home mom who had a dream that she wrote down. She made it sound simple and I thought, “If she can do it, maybe I can, too!” That was the start of my journey with the book.

Oh, and yes, Aiden is uber-hot, I agree. *grin*

2. What research did you have to do for Between (Another trip to Scotland or plenty of time skyping Scottish hotties)?

Ha! I wish I had spent time skyping Scots. That sounds fun! yummmm

I did quite a bit of online research about 18th century Scotland and France in order to write the scenes set in those time periods. My favorite research was on Eilean Donan Castle (which has a fascinating history) and the Palace of Versailles. I got to visit both places in 2010 (after I’d written the first draft of the book, but before I’d published it). What an amazing trip that was! Here’s a video of my pics!

3. I enjoyed the religious overtones in the story and didn’t feel like they were overplayed. But I’m sure readers want to know if this was originally planned or did it develop as you wrote the story? And did you worry that the religion in this book would turn readers away?

Since Lindsey dies at the beginning of the book (not a spoiler- it happens right off), it made sense to me that she’d have questions about what was next, so God and heaven do play an important role in the book. A very close friend of mine died the year before I started writing Between, and I think Lindsey’s spiritual seeking is a result of that, my own need to explore what lies beyond the here and now.

I never worried that the faith aspects of the book would turn people away because they were not added in to prove a point or to convert anyone, but were necessary for the characters’ development and the story as a whole. I’m glad that you enjoyed that part of the book, though!

4. By the end of the story I really wished I’d learned more about Ravi. He’s an interesting character. Will you write anything for/about Ravi in the future?

Yes, Ravi plays an important role in the sequel. I really like Ravi, his kindness, his heart, but he just wasn’t the guy for Lindsey. Aiden’s pretty tough competition!

5. You’re releasing book 2 of Lindsey and Aiden’s journey this year, called Hell Transporter, which sounds very interesting as a sequel. What other plans do you have in the works? (Books, personal project, audio book, etc.) 

Hell Transporter is set to come out in March, and I am really excited to share it with all of you! I have started jotting down notes for a spin-off novel featuring Lindsey’s friend, Stephanie. We’ll see how that shapes up. Also, I plan to put together the three deleted love scenes from Between (I originally wrote it as an adult novel and changed it to YA) and sell them on my blog. So keep an eye out for Between the Sheets once Hell Transporter has launched!

Thanks so much for having me on the blog. I had a great time!


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