Author Interview – Krista Holle

This week’s author, Krista Holle, has kindly joined Landra for an interview about her book.

Take it away, Landra!

1. So, probably a popular question but what made you choose selkies? 

Paranormal romance is hotter than ever and a growing genre.  When the vampire phenomenon began, I remembered these creatures and their fascinating legends, especially the men who notoriously lured women to their deaths beneath the sea.  For the reader who’s unfamiliar with the selkies; they are beautiful men and women who live as seals in the sea but occasionally shed their skins to walk on land.  I’ve always loved the Scottish legends and believe that paranormal romance lovers will be thrilled to discover this new mythical creature.

2. What research did you have to do for the book? Was it difficult to find information? 

The Lure of Shapinsay is based on the tiny island of Shapinsay.  It is part of the Orkney Islands, a cluster of tiny Scottish islands rich in selkie history.  Since the islands are pretty remote, I actually didn’t have a great selection of research books to choose from, but I ordered a pile of used books from Amazon before delving into the island’s rich history and geography.  Since my story takes place in the early 1800’s, I also needed to figure out how the islanders spoke.  I rummaged through old stories written in the old Orcaidian dialect.  My original manuscript had a very authentic dialect, but it was extremely difficult to read.

3. What was the hardest part of the book to write? The easiest? 

The hardest part of The Lure of Shapinsay was by far figuring out the ending.  There’s a reason why all the Scottish legends are romantic tragedies.  Sea—land relationships don’t work.  It’s a pesky little problem when your selkie wife is always searching for her skin so she can ditch you and return to the sea.  That’s the thing about selkies—their true love is always the sea.  After I figured out how the story was going to play out, this story practically wrote itself.

4. What made you choose self-publishing? Are you going to continue to self-publish in the future? 

After an embarrassing number of rejections from agents all claiming this story had no audience, I stubbornly determined to publish it myself.  I figured I had nothing else to lose.  I’ve had so much control with my book; I can hardly believe the traditionally published authors are having as much fun as I am.  Around June, I’m releasing another e-book called The Wind Whisperer.  It’s a Young Adult paranormal romance.

5. Even though Kait’s brother, Blair, wasn’t the nicest guy, I found myself wanting to know more about him. Are you planning anything for him in the future? 

I’m glad to hear Kait’s twin brother was a memorable character.  He was certainly bossy, but he loved Kait deeply and took on a fatherly role in order to protect her.  At this point, I don’t have any more plans for Blair, though I haven’t completely ruled out a sequel.  A lot of people have asked me what happens after the end.  If I ever decide to write another “Lure”, Blair would definitely be a main player.


Thanks for the excellent interview, ladies! Remember, you can check out The Lure of Shapinsay at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Goodreads.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Krista Goodson Holle
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 21:54:51

    Landra and Cate,
    Thanks so much for all the attention. This is a great site and a wonderful opportunity for all the indie authors. I’m still twittering about it! Let me know when you get a button, so I can post it on my blog.


    • lexcade
      Jan 23, 2012 @ 21:58:15

      Oh man. A button… I’ll have to figure out how to do that LOL. It’s such a pleasure to have you on the blog, Krista, and thanks for the tweets! You better come back with your next book 🙂


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