The Lure of Shapinsay – Cate’s take

Category: Paranormal Romance

Cate’s rating: Yay!

When I learned that Lure of Shapinsay had selkie characters, I was STOKED. I love mythological critters and legends and all of that, so getting the chance to bringing about a creature I was unfamiliar with made me all kinds of happy. Plus, being unfamiliar with Scottish legends *bad bad Cate* I wanted to get my hands on this book to learn and to be entertained.

And Krista Holle’s book didn’t disappoint.

The story follows two characters—Kait, the loud, bossy, strong-willed land-dweller; and Eamon, the delicious selkie who enchants Kait and steals her heart.  A misunderstanding brings the pair together, and for Eamon, everything he believed about “land loupers” is challenged by this animated young woman who loves the sea. Their love is merely the beginning.

Holle does a fantastic job of weaving selkie mythology into Kait and Eamon’s relationship, sometimes to the point that I wasn’t sure if Kait’s feelings for Eamon were her own or the result of the selkie lure—the enchantment that makes men and women fall in love with selkies. The story had tones reminiscent of Twilight, sans the love triangle and WITH an actual reason for Kait’s obsession with and love for Eamon. And Kait’s such a fun, spunky character that it’s not terribly hard to believe Eamon would fall for her.

There’s a great supporting cast as well. Kait’s twin brother Blair is rather entertaining. They’re orphans, so Blair has this hyper-vigilance toward finding his sister a husband so she’ll be taken care of when he moves to the mainland. He and Kait bicker and fight, but it’s easy to see how much Blair cares about her.

Then there’s Tipper Gray. She is…interesting, to say the least, and one of those characters you just need to read. The scenes with Tipper were by far my favorite.

I would suggest The Lure of Shapinsay to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and to fans of Twilight.


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  1. Dominic Matro
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 17:22:53

    I think you have remarked some very interesting points , thanks for the post.


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