Today’s the day!!!

Welcome to the newest indie review site, Indie Books R Us. Yeah, I know. But it’s catchy, right?

Today is our official launch, and Landra and I couldn’t be more excited.

As you can see, there’s no review set for today. We’re kicking off the review portion of our show starting Tuesday. We’ll be posting on Tuesday and Thursday, for 1-2 books a month, depending on our schedules. This week we have Phoenix Sullivan’s Sector C, and coming up later this month, we have Krista Holle’s The Lure of Shapinsay. Once we get things squared away, I’ll start trying to post our schedule.

One of the purposes of this blog is to help dispel the idea that indie published books are not good. There are actually a LOT of fantastic books that are being brought to us by smaller presses and independent authors. So as a courtesy to our audience and our wonderful authors, I ask you to please refrain from posting inflammatory/rude/mean comments on the posts. We value differences in opinion, but will not tolerate outright meanness. (Yes, that’s the southern coming out.) That being said, feel free to comment on whatever you like.

Happy new year!!!


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chad Thomas Johnston
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 14:59:52

    Yeah, uh, there’s like … this one author named, uh, ME. And uh, that guy rules. Seriously. 🙂


  2. Kendall Grey
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:07:01

    YAY! I just saw your tweet, and I’m so excited you’re focusing on indie books. Woo hoo! I will be following this blog with great interest. 🙂 Off to retweet now…


  3. lexcade
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:13:21

    Chad, when you’ve got something, send us an email 😉

    Kendall, THANK YOU! We’re excited too lol.


  4. Akoss
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 15:33:11

    I wish a lot of traffic and awesomeness for this project, and yes I retweeted too. 🙂


  5. Larry "FARfetched" Kollar
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:00:28

    This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together, and yes I’ll be submitting when the time comes.


  6. Brenda St John Brown (@writeturnahead)
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:11:28

    Look forward to your reviews and finding new books to love!


  7. Laura Diamond
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 17:44:59



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